What are Solids?

Floor Finishes and waxes are composed of two main parts - - volatile and non-volatile.

Volatile: Those ingredients that evaporate after the finish is put down. These are primarily water and solvents. Non-Volatile: Those ingredients that remain on the floor after all the volatiles evaporate.

Because of this a 25% solids finish will leave a thicker film when dry than an 18% solids finish (39% more).

Solids are made up of the following:
Polymers- The acrylic portion
Polyethylene waxes- Synthetic wax portion
Resins- Contributes to leveling and some gloss
Emulsifiers- Allow the polymers, etc. to mix with water
Drying Agents- Help promote drying and bonding
Zinc- Provides extra detergent resistance and makes stripping easier
Fillers- Inexpensive chemicals that add to the solids content but do not contribute to gloss, durability,etc.

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