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Green Cleaning Products

Going green is the responsibility of everyone. Unfortunately, it is not easy to detect the destruction of the environment, for the chemicals that are released into the environment that cannot be seen by the naked eye. But for sure, they are there. For example, many cleaning products are petroleum-based. They are used everyday in our homes, offices, and surroundings.

As they are used for cleaning purposes, the primary responsibility of the cleaning products is to get rid of unwanted particles, usually in the form of soil, grease, stubborn stains or general dirt. At times, bacteria may also be targeted. The problem is, when trying to achieve this goal of cleanliness, the petroleum-based liquids often attack much in its path, including elements that are not meant to be destroyed.

To illustrate, many cleaning chemical products contain toxic chemicals. These chemicals are good for removing stains, but there are side effects. An environment that is full of toxic materials prove harmful to our health. When there are small amounts of toxic elements in the environment, the effects are negligible. But when accumulated over a period of time, the environment we live or work in can become hazardous to our overall health. Therefore, one effort to prevent such hazards and to promote better living is through the use of green cleaning products.

Fortunately, the overall awareness for the condition of the environment has been rising in recent years. More and more people are starting to realize that the conventional cleaning products they use day to day are having a negative impact on their surroundings. Hence, they are switching to green products. Here are some characteristics of green products.

First, the ingredients used must be non-toxic and phosphate free. Green cleaners reduced human and aquatic toxicity, reduced smog production potential and have low or no VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds). They should get the job done, but they don't destroy everything else in their path. They are manufactured with biodegradable substances or renewable sources (not oil). When used in the environment, they don't cause any damage or have any negative impact to the surroundings. After usage, the products can be recycled.

Note that there are green cleaning products for both the residential household and for commercial spaces. Green cleaners that are ideal for residential cleaning include hand soaps, natural laundry detergents, fabric softeners, all-purpose cleaners, glass cleaners, toilet bowl cleaners, dish washing liquids, and others. They are mostly packaged in easy to handle, ready-to-use packaging.

Commercial cleaning products are more likely to be found in concentration and more heavy duty formulation. They include floor strippers, degreasing detergents, synthetic floor protectant, carpet cleaners, all surface cleaners, neutral disinfectants and more. Because they are meant for commercial or industrial usage, they usually come in much larger bottles. Of course, when higher volume is purchased, the buyer enjoys the best discounts.

Cleaning products are used regularly and frequently. Imagine the damage inflicted on the environment if the substances are toxic in nature. The health implications could be severe. For residential environments, where there may be young children, the consequences may be unthinkable.

Both conventional and green cleaning products can be purchased from online stores. Online superstores that specialize in janitorial supplies typically offer a wide range of green cleaning solutions. Buyers will find it convenient to buy all the cleaning supplies they need from one source and have them delivered to their doorstep.

Help protect our environment and the health of future generations by using green products. 

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