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Carpet Cleaning Supplies for Cleaning Upholstery

This guide will show you how our carpet cleaning supplies will help you to professionally clean upholstery which includes nylon, olefin, polyester and other materials. To clean the upholstery on certain synthetic furniture we recommend that you follow the instructions on the tags. Some will suggest that you use warm water and the foam from a soap or shampoo though we would highly suggest not using soap or shampoo if it does not specifically instruct you too.

The process for cleaning upholstery is pretty simple and our carpet cleaning supplies and products would be ideal to use. The first step is to identify the fiber that is used in the material so that you can follow the correct course of action. The second step is to pre-inspect and pre-test the material to make sure no damage will be done. The third step involves a pre-spray with one of our upholstery cleaners.

Next you will want to extract with hot water and then apply a fine fabric or upholstery proctor. This will help to keep the material looking new. The last step in this process is to set the actual nap with a carding brush. Please feel free to view our latest carpet cleaning supplies which are sold at discounted prices so that you save.

The cleaning procedure is a six step process and involves using our carpet cleaning supplies and products to ensure the best results. First you want to pre-test a section of the upholstery with the carpet cleaning supply to make sure the material does not fade or bleed. Next you want to pre-spray the material with our upholstery cleaner and let the cleaner sit so it can move deeper into the fabric. This will help with the cleaning process and make it easier to remove dirt and debris. The third step is to use a brush to lightly scrub away dirt and other materials.

Next you will want to use hot water and extract the upholstery that has been treated. Be sure to overlap each stroke and use once at the end without water. Next you want to give the material a final grooming and then apply a fine fabric protector to keep the material in the best possible condition. Our carpet cleaning supplies and products will help to keep your carpet looking great for many years to come. Please take a look at some of the available products below.

Carpet Care

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