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Tips on Finishing

Always use laundered rayon-blend mop heads for waxing. Soiled or new cotton mops can turn the finish brown. Before use, soak mops in water and wring out tightly, so they absorb less finish and are easier to clean.

Coat traffic lanes more than other areas. On the first application, stay at least 12 to 14 inches away from baseboards and corners. Gradually work closer to the edges with each subsequent coat. To prevent edge buildup, apply one coat to non-trafficked edges for every three coats applied in traffic lanes.

Apply finish in uniform, medium to full coats. Thin coats may dry faster, but often strength and contribute to powdering.

To test finish adhesive, apply one coat to a small area and let dry. Apply masking or cellophane tape to the finish and pull up quickly. If the finish comes off with the tape, you have poor adhesion. This is especially important to do when stripping the factory finish from new tile.

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