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Seven Steps to Beautiful Floors

Before you begin, you will need:

  • Slow speed floor scrub machine (18” to 20” in diameter)
  • Black stripping pads
  • Three mop buckets
  • Two wringers
  • Four mop handles
  • Four mop heads (one MUST be rayon or nylon)
  • Putty knife or 4” wallpaper razor scraper
  • Dillon quality floor care products
  • Stripper
  • Sealer
  • Finish
  1. Mix solution according to directions and apply solution to floor generously. You need a lot of solution on the floor in order for the old wax and dirt to be suspended in it. Be careful! The floor becomes VERY slippery!
  2. Scrub floor with slow speed floor scrub machine (150 rpm to 500 rpm) and black stripping pad. Remove center piece of stripping pad. Turn pad over frequently to avoid clogging. Do 12’ x 12’ sections at a time.
  3. Scrape all edges with putty knife or 4” wallpaper razor scrapers. Follow-up with center piece of buffing pad around the edges that were just scraped.
  4. Remove solution from floor quickly with the two pick-up mop-bucket-wringer system. Do not use wet-dry vacuums because they leave streaks and dry too fast. What the floor looks like when it is wet on the second pick up is what it will look like when it is refinished/waxed.
  5. Dry floors thoroughly. The floor will dry to a chalky appearance (lighter than the original color). Any shiny spots left on the floor should be removed by repeating steps 1 through 4 above. You may use a force fan or air mover to speed up the process if you wish.
  6. Seal floors according to directions—1 to 2 coats. Do not force dry.
  7. Refinish floors with appropriate finish for your application according to directions—2 to 3 liberal coats using a rayon/nylon mop. 24-ounce mop head is ideal. Apply additional coats to obtain desired gloss. Do not force dry until floor finish has leveled completely. This means when you don’t have any more lines in the finish from the finish mop and the floor is smooth looking, this is when the finish has leveled.
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