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Sealing & Finishing New & Old Terrazzo Flooring

DESCRIPTION: Terrazzo flooring is composed of marble chips set into Portland Cement. Additional marble chips are sprinkled over the surface prior to the final set. After setting, the floor is ground to a smooth hard surface with heavy grinding machinery. Generally 75% of the floor will be marble chips with the remainder being concrete.

PREPARATION: Newly installed Portland Cement Terrazzo should be properly cleaned prior to seal ing. A neutral or very mild acid cleaner should be used to remove all surface dirt and foreign matter from the floor. If a gray cast appears on the floor, this is a result of salt deposits which should be removed with a mild acid cleaner. Rinse well with clean water and allow to dry. B Old terrazzo floors should be thoroughly stripped with a stripper/degreaser to re move all old soap film, wax, or salt deposits and other residual matter. Rinse well with clean water and allow to dry.

SEALING: Because of the concrete portion of the floor, all new terrazzo should be sealed to protect the grouting and to avoid penetration of stains into the floor. New floors may be sealed with a water-based sealer undercoater formulated for hard surfaces, or for a more permanent seal the new stain resistant Aquathane HP sealer may be used may be used. Old terrazzo may require two coats of sealer.

FINISHING: Terrazzo floors may be finished with a non-slip, non-buffable floor finish to avoid excessive slip conditions. Urethane fortified or finishes designed for hard surfaces would be the coatings of choice. Degree of gloss desired would also have a bearing on finish selection. Apply two coats using a standard wet mop. Allow proper dry time between coats and prior to traffic on floor.

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