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Rubbermaid Products

Rubbermaid is one of the most highly respected names in the janitorial and cleaning supply business, and for great reasons! Rubbermaid products for home and business and Rubbermaid commercial products are known for their durability and high quality performance. At www.CleanItSupply.com, we have hundreds of Rubbermaid containers and organizational products for every situation. Our selection of cleaning and janitorial supplies is wholesale priced, so you benefit from discount pricing on top quality products. We sell to individuals as well as large businesses, same pricing for all!
Rubbermaid is very well known for its trash cans.  The most popular trash can is the Brute.  These trash cans come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors.  The newest addition to the Brute line is the Mega Brute Mobile Collector.  The Mega Brute is a highly maneuverable and versatile waste and linen collection and sortation system.  This item has a high capacity of 120 gallons or 400 pound.  You can also add a 23 gallon Slim Jim container for waste sortation and recycling.  Do not forget the Mega Brute lid which has a center hinge to allow easy access to either end of the Mega Brute.
Use all sizes of Rubbermaid storage containers for parts and materials, and Rubbermaid shelving to put your containers on! Wheel your loose parts around safely and cleanly, contained in their Rubbermaid carts. You put safety first while allowing employees to benefit from using reliable Rubbermaid tubs, carts, and containers. Keeping your employees happy is a very important part to maintaining a smoothly working business operation.

You will notice at our website Rubbermaid containers, storage, and service carts are prominent. We strive to provide you with the best janitorial and cleaning supplies, and we know that this manufacturer will always come through for you with premium products. From a tough Rubbermaid wastebasket to sturdy Rubbermaid sheds, it is nice to know your money goes for durable container products, designed for easy handling and cleaning.

For handling and processing waste products, Rubbermaid produces commercial and office storage containers, trash cans and garbage cans, utility carts, and recycling bins. The Rubbermaid Slim Jim is a space saver, fitting into small places others won't go. Most people begin their Rubbermaid collections with storage bins at home, but these are also right in place at the office or warehouse. Clear or colored bins feature tight closures, and can be stacked for space saving convenience. Carts are designed for utility; open shelves allow easy reach from all sides to carried containers and work tools.

Another popular Rubbermaid product is their storage shed. You can fill the shed with shelving for material storage or records storage, and know that weather is sealed out by tight closures. These are very nice for at home use also, to get clutter in its place and out of the house. Stack bins and boxes floor to ceiling for maximum storage in minimum space. Make it all Rubbermaid!

For office and warehouse recycling efforts, use the Rubbermaid recycling container system. Recycling can be a bit messy sometimes, and Rubbermaid has thought that problem out also, by providing covers that snap tightly, and containers and cans that are easy to clean when necessary. Use Rubbermaid WaveBrake buckets for mopping and general cleaning. Utility and tool carts will handle all those necessary but small items that tend to get lost if not contained, and Rubbermaid understands that replacements of lost tools can be costly.

In the bathroom, Rubbermaid is ready for cleaning, with buckets, and bowl brushes, trash cans, and waste containers. If you need it for janitorial or cleaning maintenance, Rubbermaid makes it, and you can order it right online at www.CleanItSupply.com. If you have any questions about which product to use, or any ordering concerns, please call our toll free number, and speak with one of our friendly service representatives. Just dial 800-998-3295.

Online ordering is easy, and fast. Your delivery is our priority. We are celebrating over 25 years of customer service and product knowledge, and look forward to serving you next! Did we mention our wholesale and discount pricing? We pull out all the stops to become your number one online resource for janitorial and cleaning supplies. We sell more products, and are able to pass savings along to you.

Our website is designed for easy ordering, and to be safe and secure. Your information is protected, and remains secure, every time. While you are browsing around our website, be sure to check out our green products section, for environmentally friendly cleaners and other non-toxic green products. Use them in your new Rubbermaid buckets! We also have monthly specials and a clearance section, for extra savings.

Besides Rubbermaid buckets, carts, containers, and large organizational and cleaning products, Rubbermaid makes cleaning tools, like brushes and vacuums. We have over 200 different Rubbermaid products you can select from, at wholesale prices. Place your order, and we'll deliver promptly. You can rely on Rubbermaid and www.CleanItSupply.com to bring you the exact janitorial and cleaning products you want. If you have not visited our website, it's time you did; we think you will be pleased and surprised.
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