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Minimum Film Formation Temperature

Minimum Film-Forrmation Temperature (MFT) is an inherent problem to water emulsion polymer floor finishes. MFT is the minimum temperature of the substrate at which the finish will form a strong continuous film. This is a particular problem in the northeast section of the country in wintertime where several factors are involved. They are:

A. Concrete slab construction floors transmit cold from the exterior walls, as well as from beneath, to become as much as 15 degrees F. colder than the surrounding interior air.

B. Personnel, allow containers of floor finish to remain in their trucks or vans for hours, chilling them to below their MFT.

C. Supermarkets, customarily turn back the heat after closing ‘hours which allows the room and floor temperatures to drop below the MFT of than polish.

The MFT of a floor polish is usually correlated to the hardness of the product. The harder the product, the higher the MFT. The softer, more buffable finishes have a lower MFT. This explains why in certain sections of the country, like New England, they only used waxes or buffable finishes in the wintertime. However, due to modern polish technology, the MFT of products can be controlled by the addition of plasterizers and synthetic waxes. The average floor polish today has an MFT of 45 degrees to 55 degrees F. To avoid product failure and the expensive repercussions; it is imperative to guard against applying floor finish when the floor temperatures are less than 60 degrees F.

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