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Floor Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

Sweep - Dust Mop
Frequent sweeping and dust mopping and immediate clean up of spills are critical to great looking floors. Use only clean dust mops with a good mop treatment
Mop and Maintain
Follow cleaning product dilution instructions carefully to conserve cleaner and protect the floor finish. Cleaners should be strong enough to remove soil without damaging your finish. More floor cleaner is not always better.  Just remember, the floor cleaner solution is too strong if your finish looks hazy and dull after cleaning. Always use clean scrubbing pads or brushes on auto scrubbers and rotary machines, and clean cotton mops for hand mopping.
Top Scrubbing
Top scrubbing, also known as deep scrubbbing floors, is a cleaning procedure without having to strip floors before re-coating to prevent floor finish buildup. This will prolong the need for floor stripping. Mix a degreasing cleaning solution suitable for heavy soil. Any one of our industrial cleaner degreasers will work properly.  A popular top scrub / deep scrub cleaning product amongst floor care professionals is GREEN REVITE Heavy Duty Cleaner Degreaser. Apply generously with a mop or auto scrubber. Scrub the floor using an automatic or rotary machine equipped with black stripping pads. Next, pick up the soiled solution and follow up by thoroughly rinsing the floor. The floor surface should be clean and free of scratches, heel marks, and any cleaner residue.
Finishing and Waxing
Finally, recoat floors with a high quality floor finish for utimate protection and shine. Typically 2 - 3 coats are recommended for optimal performance. Choose from any one of our professional grade floor finishes and waxes. Our commercial grade industry favorite, MEGA FLEX High Solids Ultra Compatible Floor Finish, always yields superior results. 
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