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Lexol Lexol Kozak Motorcycle Dry Wash 1 ct Towel (LEXOL-1052)

Lexol Lexol Kozak Motorcycle Dry Wash 1 ct Towel (LEXOL-1052)
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Lexol Lexol Kozak Motorcycle Dry Wash 1 ct Towel (12 / Case)
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  • Product SKU: LEXOL-1052

Product Description

The perfect size KozaK½ for cleaning and polishing your motorcycle. Providing easily 50 DRY cleanings for any motorcycle. Fits easily into saddle bags or backpacks. The KozaK Motorcycle DryWash cloth removes dirt particles by trapping them in the millions of compartments within the cloth╞s napped finish. Once the heavy dirt and dust are removed, it continues to polish the car╞s surface as it cleans and can even improve its finish with regular use. Use it any time of year on any type of finish, including waxed or clear-coated finishes. Each cloth is guaranteed to clean the typical car at least 50 times, though it is not uncommon to get hundreds of cleanings from a single cloth, then use it many more times on wheels, rims and rocker panels. Use Kozak Motorcycle DryWash as a part of your complete car care program to clean, shine and extend the life of your car╞s finish. For best results, include a ⌠water÷ wash for every fourth or fifth cleaning to remove road tar, bird droppings, bugs, tree sap, etc., and a proper wax job on a seasonal basis

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