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Lexol Leather Cleaner 1 Liter Bottle, 12/Case (LEXOL-1112)

Lexol Leather Cleaner 1 Liter Bottle, 12/Case (LEXOL-1112)
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Lexol Leather Cleaner 1 Liter Bottle (12 / Case)
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  • Product SKU: LEXOL-1112

Product Description

This convenient 1 liter size is perfect for your small to mid-sized jobs. With an easy-pour opening and convenient carry handle; use just what you need and store the rest for later. LEXOL-pH Leather Cleaner is a blend of selected, non-alkaline cleaning agents designed to clean leather safely and thoroughly without the harshness or potentially damaging effects of saddle soaps, which are alkaline. LEXOL-pH Leather Cleaner is purely a cleaner. It contains no waxes, oils or additives that can interfere with its cleaning action or cause dirt to become trapped in the leather. LEXOL-pH Leather Cleaner is non-alkaline. Its balanced formula falls within the pH range of leather itself, and therefore, is safer for leather. LEXOL pH Leather Cleaner leaves no buildup on the leather even with hard water. Saddle soap; however, forms an insoluble residue in hard water, which may accumulate on the leather╞s surface. LEXOL-pH Leather Cleaner is concentrated, so its cleaning effectiveness is accomplished with a considerably smaller quantity of product. In summary, LEXOL-pH Leather Cleaner outperforms saddle soap by safely deep cleaning the leather, freeing it of dirt and accumulated oils, thereby providing an alkaline-free environment ideal for a finishing application of LEXOL Conditioner and Preservative to restore clean, fresh lubrication to the leather.

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