Mop & Dustcloth Treatment, 2 Cans (ADM-2CMN)

Mop & Dustcloth Treatment, 2 Cans (ADM-2CMN)

Product Description

Mop and Dustcloth Treatment

This water-based dust mop treatment penetrates deeply into dust cloths, mops and brooms. It attracts dirt, and dust and converts it to a heavy lint that can be easily shaken out or machine washed. Use of dust mop treatment replaces sweeping compounds and eliminates the dust created when using a push broom. Leaves the surfaces shiny without the presence of silicones or waxes or the slippery coatings they leave behind. Can also be used as a felt or dressing on air conditioning filters to prevent pollen and germ-laden dust from entering rooms.

Misco Products Mop and Dustcloth Treatment, 18-oz. Aerosol Can, 2 Cans per Case The wholesale cleaning products supply company buyers trust.


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