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Vintage Film and Can Liners

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Vintage Film and Can Liners

Vintage – “A National Brand to Call Your Own.” Ever want to go to Can Liner University? If so, today’s your lucky day! Vintage specifically lays out for you the three different types of seals on a can liner. First, a Star Seal can liner is manufactured by folding the bottom of the can liner over several times and then sealing it. Star Seal can liners will virtually eliminate leaks. They also conform better to the shape of the waste receptacle by spreading refuse around the can liner. Second, a Gusset Seal can liner is a flat-style can liner that is manufactured with both sides tucked in to form gussets. The outer edges of the can liner where there are indentations is sealed with four layers of film, while the middle is sealed with only two layers. Can liners made with gussets have a tendency to leak with wet trash. Third and final, a Flat Seal can liner is manufactured by simply sealing the bottom edge. Can liners made with this type of seal are somewhat leak-proof and do not compromise the length of the can liner. Can liners made with a flat seal do not conform well to the waste receptacle, making them difficult to utilize. Congratulations, Graduate. Now it is time to shop!

Whichever type of can liner or bag may be right for you, trust CleanItSupply.com to deliver on all of the top rated Vintage brand can liners. We keep our warehouse fully stocked so you can buy today, use tomorrow. Our everyday low, wholesale prices will never give you buyer’s remorse. In fact, the only remorse you might feel is that you didn’t buy enough to take full advantage of our discounted prices. So take advantage of our incredibly low prices by stocking up on Vintage Film and Can Liners in bulk quantities today!
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