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The Sqwincher Corporation

Sqwincher Savings
Sqwincher Savings

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The Sqwincher Corporation

Whether you’re a weekday worker or weekend warrior, from the oil field to the soccer field, The Sqwincher Corporation has the perfect solution to handle the toughest hydration needs. Sqwincher is “Professional Grade Hydration.” Their unique product formulations are the result of research and development that goes well beyond quenching thirst to deliver rehydration for the toughest of work conditions. 

It originally all started with Sqwincher’s ready to drink formula and then expanded from there. Sqwincher Sqweeze Pops are perfect for on-the-go hydration at locations where water isn’t readily accessible. Enjoy the great taste and performance of Sqwincher, bow available in a tasty frozen treat with Sqwincher Sqweeze Pops. Now there's a better and tastier way to reduce core body temperature. Sqwincher's scientifically-developed formulation is absorbed into body significantly faster than water, allowing the body to replenish the electrolytes and minerals needed for proper hydration. Prefer a liquid? Power-packed Sqwincher Powder Concentrates mix quickly and easily by simply adding to water. A wide range of great-tasting flavors makes it easy to please even the most finicky palates. Isotonic formula ensures quick rehydration and maximum absorption. As Sqwincher comes in a wide range of great-tasting flavors, it may be difficult to find a favorite. With Sqwincher Fast Pack, the compact pouch that doubles as a cup, you can keep as many delicious flavors on hand as you like. Magnesium, potassium, sodium, calcium and electrolytes keep you strong and energized, helping you stay at the top of your game.

Because there are 500,000 hospitalizations annually due to dehydration, Sqwincher is dedicated to replenishing your hydration. Every second you’re out in the elements, you’re losing the important fluids and nutrients that keep your body operating at full capacity. Hydration is your body’s ability to manage this loss and return to its prime working condition. Shop for Sqwincher hydration products with us right here at CleanItSupply.com to take advantage of our wholesale prices. Shop with us to save on Sqwincher products and so much more today!
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