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TTI Floorcare

TTI Floorcare is five iconic brands in floor care under one roof. TTI is Hoover, Dirt Devil, Oreck, Hoover Commercial and Oreck Commercial.

David Oreck had an obvious, yet radical, idea in 1963: to design a lightweight yet powerful vacuum to relieve the drudgery felt by hotel housekeepers using the much heavier models available to them at the time. Naturally, hotel staff wanted to buy these vastly improved vacuum cleaners for their own use at home. Because of this, David's original idea evolved and the Oreck Corporation began selling its unique products to residential consumers as well. Oreck has earned its reputation for making the finest vacuums available. That singular, consumer-satisfying goal to provide easy-to-use, lightweight, and durable vacuums and other cleaning tools for every room in the house still continues to drive Oreck. Consumers love for Oreck is as strong as Oreck's commitment to deliver on making products that make cleaning just a little bit easier for all their customers.

Hoover brings more than 100 years of powerfully designed, easy-to-use household cleaners to cover your floor to ceiling cleaning. Hoover Commercial provides innovative commercial products and cordless technology designed to improve productivity and cleaning performance. It all started back in 1907 when Murray Spangler, an inventor who worked nights as a janitor, had an asthma problem and was determined to find a solution to the dust that aggravated his asthma as he swept up at night. Since 1908, consumers and businesses have trusted Hoover to provide reliable, innovative cleaning solutions. Hoover offers a comprehensive line of products for general and special-purpose vacuuming, including full-size uprights and canisters, deep cleaners and hard-floor cleaners for use in home and commercial settings.

From lightweight and compact commercial-grade Oreck canister vacuums to Hoover’s HushTone Vacuum that has a quieter motor yet still performs at its best, we have them all. Browse our online superstore for all products and supplies to help your cleaning tasks go smoothly. Shop for Oreck and Hoover vacuums and accessories right here at and save with our wholesale prices today!
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