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Brown Floor Pads

Floors see a lot of day to day wear and tear, so it would stand to reason that sometimes just scrubbing or polishing won’t do the trick. carries a large selection of floor care products, including brown floor stripping pads at wholesale prices to bring your floors back to life. Our stock of brown floor pads are meant to be used to strip floors prior to recoating. Our inventory includes 12” – 21” brown stripping pads so you can choose the size that suits your needs. Designed to be washed and reused multiple times, brown floor pads are an economical option that will save money on pad usage. Specially designed to conform to uneven floors, brown stripping pads easily cut through old finish. Floor pad colors are used to differentiate what pad is appropriate for the specific floor task to get the best results. Choosing the wrong floor pad can result in surface damage and costly repairs. Not to worry; our customer service associates are available to answer any questions you may have to help you make an informed purchase. If you are looking for high quality 3M pads at affordable prices, is the place to shop for all your cleaning supply needs.

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3M Brown 12" Floor Stripping Pad 7100,Synthetic Fiber, 5 Pads (MMM08440)

3M Brown 14" Floor Stripping Pad 7100, Synthetic Fiber, 5 Pads (MMM08442)

3M Brown 17" Floor Stripping Pad 7100, Synthetic Fiber, 5 Pads (MMM08445)

3M Brown 19" Floor Stripping Pad 7100, Low Speed, 5 Pads (MMM08447)

3M Brown 20" Floor Stripping Pad 7100, Synthetic Fiber, 5 Pads (MMM08448)

Bissell Commercial 12 Inch Brown Scrub Pad (BIS-437.049BG)

Americo EcoPrep EPP Specialty Pads, 20" Diameter, Maroon, 10/CT (AMF420720)

3m Low-Speed High Productivity Floor Pad 7100, 16" Diameter, Brown, 5/Carton (MMM08444)