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Beige Floor Pads

Has daily foot traffic done a number on your floors leaving them in need of a little TLC? carries a large selection of floor care products and equipment, including floor burnishing pads to have your floors looking like new in no time. Beige floor pads are a less aggressive pad option ideal for use with burnishers and floor polishing machines. Burnishing helps to smooth out scratches in the floor so there is no room for dirt to settle, making floors easier to clean. Take a minute to browse our selection of 17” to 27” beige floor burnishing pads to find one that best suits your needs. Each floor pad color is designed for a specific task so it is important to choose the right pad for the job. Using the wrong pad can result in damage to your floors, costing you time and money. Not to worry; our customer service associates are available to answer any questions you may have to help you make an informed purchase. is the place to shop for high quality, low prices on janitorial supplies and the best customer service around. Check us out today!

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Beige 19" Floor Burnishing Pads, 5 Pads (SHR-PAD4019BEI)

Beige 20" Floor Burnishing Pads, 5 Pads (SHR-PAD4020BEI)

Bissell Commercial 12 Inch Beige Floor Pad (BIS-237.058BG)

Oreck Commercial Orbiter Stone Care Pad, 12" Diameter, Beige (ORK437058)