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Carpet Magnet

All household appliances endure wear and tear over time, including vacuum cleaners. Dust and crumbs will not do much damage to your vacuum; however, coins, paper clips and other metal objects can cause more serious damage when they are sucked up into the vacuum cleaner. carries vacuum magnets to help minimize damage to your vacuum’s internal parts and keep it running like new for years to come. Available in 12” and 16” widths, our stock of carpet magnets are slim and sturdy, detecting metal items and picking them up before they are swept up into the vacuum. Not only do carpet magnets prevent damage to your vacuum but they also help to simplify the vacuum cleaning process. Gone are the days of manually sweeping the carpets for metal items before vacuuming; now vacuum cleaner magnets do the work for you, allowing for smooth, one-step cleaning. Avoid costly repairs with a very inexpensive investment in a carpet magnet. offers the lowest wholesale prices on a variety of vacuum cleaner replacement parts and magnets. Browse our online superstore of janitorial and cleaning supplies today!

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