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The ironing board is not something that one thinks about on a daily basis. Rarely do we ponder its invention and who should be credited for something that makes our lives so much simpler today. The Vikings, as unkempt as we tend to think of them, actually had their own ironing board made from whalebones. Though, the Vikings are not credited for the ironing board design we currently use. Responsibility for today’s design came about from many different creators such as William Vandenberg and J. Harvey in 1858, then JN Brewster, Sarah Mort in 1866, Henry Soggs in 1869, JH Mallory, and most recently Garry Allen from Australia. There is much controversy over the true originator of the ironing board itself, and again, it is not the Vikings. Few argue it was Elijah McCoy. Some say it was John B. Porter in 1875. Yet it is Sarah Boone who is most commonly credited for the invention of the ironing board in 1887. And it is Henry W. Seeley in 1882 who invented the electric flat iron. What do all of these people and their creations have in common with Thanks to them and their invaluable inventions, is able to offer many types of ironing boards and ironing accessories at the lowest prices. Whether you are in the housecleaning business or simply need to keep your family looking tidy, trust to deliver on irons, ironing boards, ironing accessories, and any economical janitorial supplies at incredible wholesale pricing.

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Reliable The Board 500VB Vacuum and Up-Air Press Table Ironing Board (500VB)

Reliable Velocity 200IR Home Iron, 1.25 Cup Capacity, 1 Each (200IR)

Reliable Ironing System, 9” x 12.5” x 6.5”, Stainless Steel, Each (3000IS)

Reliable The Board 100IB Home Ironing Board (100IB)

Reliable The Board 200IB Home Ironing Board (200IB)

Reliable The Board 300LB Home Ironing Board (300LB)

Reliable The Board 550VB Vacuum Table Ironing Board, 1 Each (550VB)

Reliable 4000IS Ironing System, 12.75” x 11” x 9”, Each (4000IS)

Reliable Vivio 100GC Garment Steamer (100GC)

Reliable Vivio 500GC Garment Steamer (500GC)