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Non-Para Deodorants

A less than pleasant smelling restroom is a surefire way to send your guests heading for the exits. Ridding a bathroom of disagreeable odors may seem overwhelming, but keeping those foul smells at bay is easier than you think. Non-para urinal and bowl deodorants are best suited for use where paradichlorobenzene blocks are not practical. carries a selection of non para urinal and bowl deodorants at wholesale prices that can’t be beat.

To knock out odors in urinals, we offer urinal screens and blocks. Both products will deodorize and clean, but a urinal screen takes it a step further by preventing debris from entering the drain. Urinal screens will last for up to 30 days while blocks freshen and clean urinals for up to 1500 flushes, providing consistent deodorizing you’ll never have to worry about. Toilet bowl rim hangers and bowl blocks clean and deodorize your toilets with every flush, counteracting odors and preventing bacteria growth for up to 30 days or 1500 flushes. Our non para urinal and bowl deodorants are sold in bulk quantities so you will always have some on hand. And many of our bathroom freshening products come in a variety of subtle, pleasant scents like green apple, evergreen, light bleach and cherry.

Any questions about our stock of non-para urinal and bowl deodorants as well as any air freshener line of products, can be directed to our very capable customer service associates. Simply call our toll free number or click to chat live through our website and you will be immediately connected with one of our employees without the hassle of waiting on hold or punching numbers through an automated system. Our customer service reps are trained in all of our janitorial supply and cleaning products to help you make a well-informed purchase. Here at we pride ourselves on high quality products, low prices and top notch customer service. Come experience the difference.

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Eco-Fresh Green Apple Scent, Block & Screen, 12 Screens (FRS 12-SANI)

Big D Non-Para Urinal Screen & Block, Evergreen Scent, 12 Screens (BGD 660)

Non-Para Toilet Bowl Rim Hanger/Block, Evergreen Scent, 12 Hangers (BGD 661)

Fresh Products Urinal Block with Enzyme, Cherry, 12 Blocks (FRS 12-TOSS-CH)

Fresh Products Non-Para Urinal Screen & Block, Cherry, 72 Screens (FRSESABCH)

Non-Para Cherry Fragrance Super Deodorizing Block, 4 Blocks (FRS FSB5F)

Fresh Products Drop-In Non-Para Tank Cleaner, Unscented, 24 Blocks (FRS24DIF)

Eco-Fresh Enzymatic Urinal Screen & Block, Green Apple, 12 Screens (FRS12SANI)

Fresh Products Eco Fresh Non-Para Enzymatic Block, Cherry, 12 (FRS12TOSSCH)

Fresh Products Non-Para Super Block, Black Cherry, 4 Blocks (FRSFSB5F)

Big D Non-Para Urinal Screen & Block, White, Evergreen, 12 Screens (BGD660)

Big D Non-Para Toilet Bowl Block, Lasts 30 Days, Evergreen Fragrance (BGD661)

Genuine Joe Non-Para Toss Blocks, Cherry Scent, 12 Blocks (GJO58333)

Genuine Joe Non-Para Toilet Rim Hanger, Green Apple Scent, 12 Hangers (GJO58334)

Boardwalk Non-Para Bowl Block, Green Apple Scent, 12 Hangers (BWKNBB)

Boardwalk Urinal Screen w/Non-Para Cleaner Block, Green Apple, 12/Box (BWKNUS)

Fresh Products Drop-In Non-Para Tank Cleaner Blocks, 72 Blocks (FRS24DIFCT)

Odoban Urinal Screen with Deodorizer Block, Cherry, 12 Screens (ODO95896212)

Impact Products Deluxe Deodorizing Urinal Screens, 12/Box (IMP1451DZ94)

Impact Products Deluxe Deodorizing Urinal Screens, 72/Carton (IMP1451DZ94CT)

SKILCRAFT Toilet Bowl Rim Hanger, 1.5 oz., Mild Scent, 12 Hangers (NSN6646610)

Genuine Joe Non-para Toss Blocks, Cherry Scent, Blue, 144 Blocks (GJO58333CT)