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Dust Mop Frames & Handles

Nothing is more useful than a dust mop at cleaning up dirt, dust, and sand in your home or workspace. Dust mops attract and accumulate dust on their surface unlike a broom that pushes the dirt around. Therefore, there is no need to stoop down to pick up or ever touch any of the filth; the dust mop will do the dirty work for you. So what do you do when you need a replacement dust mop handle and frame, microfiber mop head or just want to build a dust mop from scratch suited for your specific needs? You shop at CleanItSupply.com, the online cleaning supply superstore, where we know so much about cleaning; it’s our first name.

Why use a dust mop?

When you need to quickly clean hard floor surfaces, a dust mop is ideal. Easily clean hard floor surfaces like tile, wood and linoleum with a dust mop. Dust mops usually have large sized mop heads that swivel making it a cinch to clean under furniture as well as around tight corners. The soft mop head not only attracts dust and dirt, but holds on to it in its mop head fibers. Dust mops clean better than a broom since a broom just pushes the dirt around and you still have to bend over and pick it up with a dustpan and brush. Use a dust mop for quick cleanups between wet mopping sessions. Since the dust mop prevents dust and dirt from building up, you will not have to wet mop the floors as often.

How do you use a dust mop?

To use a dust mop, ehow.com explains:

1. Remove all rugs from the floors prior to mopping. Set chairs and other easily moved furniture in another room or place them on top of tables.

2. Push the dust mop around the perimeter of the room, moving in one direction. Do not lift the mop from the floors, instead push with an even, smooth motion. The dust mop head swivels around corners.

3. Spiral toward the center of the room as you push the mop. Mop the entire floor surfaces so you don't leave behind any dirt.

4. Sweep the collected dirt into a dust pan with a standard broom. Shake the head of the dust mop outdoors, dislodging any dirt or dust caught in its fibers.

5. Spray a dusting aid spray onto the head of the mop. Mop the floor a second time, using the same spiral pattern. The dusting aid spray attracts any remaining dust and helps shine the floor.

What is a dry dust mop?

TheSpruce.com defines a dry dust mop as, “A dust mop is a long-handled mop that is used to dust floors and sometimes even walls, ceilings, and high places. A dust mop is meant to be used dry, and not wet. Dust mops are frequently made of microfiber material to attract and hold onto dust. Dust mop heads are usually fairly flat and are frequently removable so that they can be washed and used again. Many dust mop handles are adjustable with extensions that allow the dust mop to be used to reach high ceiling corners and other out of reach places. Dust mops are usually easy to maintain. In between cleanings, shake or vacuum the dust mop head. Sometimes this is best done outside. For more thorough cleanings, follow the manufacturer's washing instructions and allow to dry thoroughly.”

What can I spray on a dust mop?

Dust Mop Treatment will not damage the surface of floors or make the treated surface slippery when used as directed. Dust and dirt is not just pushed around but is held in the mop or cloth until a gentle shake releases it in the disposal area. Dust Mops: Spray dust mop until moist, never wet.

What is dust mop treatment?

Daily dry dust mopping is the first line of defense in any floor maintenance program. It greatly reduces wear and prolongs a floor’s appearance by removing dirt, dust, hair or other soils.

By treating a dust mop, it effectively attracts dirt and dust from the floor like a magnet and eliminates it from becoming airborne while cleaning. Dust mop treatment requires a special floor oil to be applied to the dust mop fibers before wiping the hard floor surface. The key to properly treating a dust mop is to take a new dust mop, wash it, spray all sides of the mop with treatment, roll it into a ball and put it in a plastic bag and let it sit for 24 hours. The oil will permeate the entire mop and then when the user goes to use the mop, no oil residue will transfer onto the floor and it will maintain a floor’s shine for a long period of time.

How do you dust mop hardwood floors?

Molly Maids advise on how to effectively clean hardwood floors without scratching or marring the surface. According to their website they say, “The first rule of caring for hardwood floors is, ‘Dust mop often.’ Dirt and dust particles can scratch your floors when dragged underneath shoes and trapped below rugs. Using a dust mop instead of a broom allows you to attract and collect dirt, as opposed to pushing it across the floor surface and potentially scratching it. Dust mopping gets dust and debris from areas a vacuum can’t reach, and a vacuum has the power to lift the same from between boards, which a dust mop does not always do.

To clean sealed hardwood floors more deeply, use a damp mop with a solution of water and a hardwood floor cleaning solution of your choice. If you recently had new wood floors installed, the manufacturer can recommend products specific to the type of wood and finish.

Finally, to reduce the frequency of cleaning, and therefore the potential for scratches, place runners and area rugs with slip-resistant backings in entry and high-traffic areas. This cuts down on the amount of dirt and debris that makes it onto your floors. It also wouldn’t hurt to have residents and guests remove shoes at the door, especially during winter weather that brings with it the use of damaging road salt.”

We have all types and sizes of dust mops for sale. Our dust mop heads with natural or synthetic fibers, ones that are reusable or easily disposed, some with rectangular heads or wedge-shaped for corners and hard-to-reach overhead areas. Our dust mop handle and frame options are available in both small, residential models for your home and larger commercial ones for your business. How about going with a greener option such as our 100% recyclable, extremely durable bamboo grass dust mop handle? This highly renewable resource does not require pesticides and the harvesting does not kill plants or promote erosion. Whatever your non-carpeting flooring needs may be, trust CleanItSupply.com to deliver the best dust mops for sale at unsurpassed prices.

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Rubbermaid Q590 Hygen 48" Quick-Connect Hall Dusting Frame (RCPQ590YEL)

Boardwalk 24" Dust Mop Frame, Steel Wire, 24 x 3-1/4, 1 Each (BWK1224)

Unisan Clip-On Dust Mop Frame, 36 x 3-1/4, Black, Each (UNS1236)

Unisan 48" Dust Mop Frame, Z-Bar Brace, 48" x 3-1/4", Black, Each (UNS 1248)

Unisan 18" Clip-On Dust Mop Frame, 5" x 18", Black, Each (UNS 1418)

Unisan 24" Clip-On Dust Mop Frame, 5" x 24," Black, Each (UNS 1424)

Boardwalk 36" Industrial Dust Mop Head, 36 x 3, 1 Each (BWK1036)

Unisan 48" Industrial Dust Mop Head, 48" x 3", White, Each (UNS 1048)

Boardwalk 12" Industrial Dust Mop Head, 12 x 5, 1 Each (BWK1312)

Rubbermaid J853-00 24" Microfiber Loop Dust Mop, Green (RCPJ853)

Rubbermaid J855-00 36" Microfiber Looped Dust Mop Head, 1 Mop Head (RCPJ855)

Rubbermaid J152 Trapper Dust Mop - 18inch, 5 x 18, Yellow (RCP J152)

Rubbermaid J155 Trapper Dust Mop - 36inch, 5 x 36, Yellow (RCP J155)

Rubbermaid J157 48" Trapper Looped-End Dust Mop, 5 x 48 (RCP J157)

Unisan Wedge Dust Head Frame and Handle, Lacquered Wood, Each (UNS 1492)

O Cedar Maxi-Clean Pretreated Disposable Cut End Mops (OCED96027)

O Cedar Maxi-Clean Pretreated Disposable Cut End Mops (OCED96028)

24" Dust Mop Frame, 5x24 Snap-On Dust Mop Frame (OCED96124)

O Cedar Maxi-Clean Snap-On Dust Mop Frames (OCED96136)

48 x 5 Maxi-Clean Snap-On Dust Mop Frame (OCED96148)

Libman 24" X 5" Dust Mop Refill, Cotton, 6 Refills (LIB-00923)

Libman 36" Dust Mop Refills, Cotton, 6 Mop Refills (LIB-00925)

Libman Dust Mop 60-1/2" Handle, Chrome Plated, 6 Handles (LIB-00985)

Libman Microfiber Wet/Dry Dust Mop, 6 Complete Floor Mops (LIB-00117)

Libman Microfiber Wet/Dry Floor Dust Mop Refill, 6 Refills (LIB-00119)

Libman Extra Large Microfiber Dust Mops, 4 Complete Sets (LIB-00926)

Libman Extra Large Microfiber Dust Mop Pad Refills, 6 Pads (LIB-00927)

Rubbermaid Q408 Microfiber 18" Dust Mop with Fringe, Green (RCP Q408 GRE)

Knuckle Buster Microfiber Pocket Dust Mop Head, Blue Back, 48" (ACA-MFDM48BL)

Knuckle Buster Microfiber Mop and Duster Extension Handle (ACA-MFMH71)

Knuckle Buster Base for Hook & Loop Wet/Dry Mops, 18" (ACA-MFMB18)

Knuckle Buster Aluminum Mop Base for Hook & Loop Wet/Dry Mop, 24" (ACA-MFMB24)

Knuckle Buster Aluminum Mop Base for Hook & Loop Wet/Dry Mop, 36" (ACA-MFMB36)

Rubbermaid Trapper Dust Mop, Looped-end Launderable, 5" x 48" (RCPJ15700YEL)

Rubbermaid Trapper Dust Mop, Looped-end Launderable, 5" x 18" (RCPJ15200YEL)

Rubbermaid Trapper  Dust Mop, Looped-end, 5" x 36", Yellow (RCPJ15500YEL)

Boardwalk Clip-On Dust Mop Frame, 24w x 5d, Zinc Plated (BWK1424)

Boardwalk Wedge Dust Mop Head Frame/Handle, 15/16 Dia. x 48 Long (BWK1492)

Rubbermaid Commercial Snap-On Dust Mop Handle, 60-in, Natural (RCPM116)

Rubbermaid Q408 Microfiber 18" Dust Mop Head, Green (RCPQ408GRE)

Boardwalk Clip-On Dust Mop Frame, 18w x 5d, Zinc Plated (BWK1418)

Genuine Joe Clip-on 36" Dust Mop Frame, Chrome Plated, Each (GJO02309EA)

Genuine Joe 60" Wood Dust Mop Handle, Natural, 1 Each (GJO02310EA)

Genuine Joe Clip-on 24" Dust Mop Frame, Chrome Plated, Each (GJO48264EA)

Genuine Joe Dust Mop Complete Combo, Wood Handle, Each (GJO54101)

Rubbermaid Executive Hygen 18" Microfiber Wet Flat Mop Pad, Gray (RCP1863895)

Boardwalk Mop Head, Dust, 4-Ply, Cotton, 48 x 3, White (BWK1048)

Unisan Clip-On Dust Mop Frame, 48w x 3 1/4d, Black, Each (UNS1248)

Knuckle Buster Aluminum 62" Wet Mop Jaw Handle (ACA-MFHANJAW)

Boardwalk Clip-On 180 Degree Swivel Head Wood Dust Mop Handle (BWK1490)

Swiffer Max Sweeper Mop, 17" Wide Mop, Blue/Silver, 3 Mops (PGC37108)

Boardwalk Looped-End Dust Mop Kit, 24 x 5 Mop Head, Handle, Frame (BWKHL245BSPC)

Boardwalk Looped-End Dust Mop Kit, 36 x 5 Mop Head, Handle, Frame (BWKHL365BSPC)

Boardwalk Cut-End Dust Mop Kit, 24 x 5, 60" Wood Handle, Natural (BWKM245C)

Boardwalk Cut-End Dust Mop Kit, 36 x 5, 60" Wood Handle, Natural (BWKM365C)

Boardwalk Microfiber Mop Kit, Frame/Handle, Wet Pad, Dust Mop, Cloths (BWKMFKIT)

Boardwalk Disposable Cotton Dust Mop Heads, 5"x60", 12 Dust Mops (BWK1660CT)

Rubbermaid M146 Snap-On Fiberglass Dust Mop Handle, 60", Gray/Black (RCPM146)

Genuine Joe Snap-On Wood Dust Mop Handle, 60", Each (GJO02331)

Genuine Joe Snap-On Wood Dust Mop Handles, 60", 12 Handles (GJO02331CT)

Genuine Joe Clip-on Steel Dust Mop Handle, 60", Black, Each (GJO02332)

Genuine Joe Clip-on Steel Dust Mop Handles, 60", Black, 12 Handles (GJO02332CT)

Genuine Joe Clip-on 48" Dust Mop Frame, Galvanized, Each (GJO48266)

Genuine Joe Clip-on 48" Dust Mop Frames, Galvanized, 12 Frames (GJO48266CT)

Genuine Joe Clip-on 18" Dust Mop Frame, Galvanized, Each (GJO48267)

Genuine Joe Clip-on 18" Dust Mop Frames, Galvanized, 12 Frames (GJO48267CT)

Diversey Taski Jonmaster Ultra Mop Frame, 10", Gray, 2/Pack (DVO7514599)

Impact Dust Mop Frame, 18", Tear Resistant, Metallic, 1 Each (IMP99518)

Impact Dust Mop Frames, 18", Metallic, 12 Frames (IMP99518CT)

Impact Dust Mop Frame, 48" x 5", Gray Steel, 1 Each (IMP99548)

Impact Snap-On Wood Dust Mop Frame & Handle, 15/16 x 60, Black (IMP9600H)

Impact Microfiber Mop Pad Holders, 24", Aluminum, 6 Bases (IMPLFMO24CT)

Genuine Joe Clip-on 36" Dust Mop Frames, Chrome Plated, 12 Frames (GJO02309CT)

Genuine Joe Clip-on 24" Dust Mop Frames, Chrome Plated, 12 Frames (GJO48264CT)

Impact Snap-On Dust Mop Frame & Handle, Black, 12 Handles (IMP9600HCT)

Impact Dust Mop Frames, 48", Gray, 12 Dust Mop Frames (IMP99548CT)

Impact Mop Pad Holders, Lightweight Steel, 18", 6 Holders (IMPLFMO18CT)