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Reduce, reuse, recycle. You obviously know it is important to make the switch over to a greener way of life. But how do you go about it with your business? Our green training guides will help you or your client get started, increase awareness, and stay motivated to practice it every day making a huge environmental impact for the better.

Germs, bacteria, and diseases run rampant throughout gyms, schools, daycares, even offices and factories. Keeping everyone healthy undoubtedly increases productivity and revenue. Learn how to assemble a highly-trained “Sanitation Team” that can respond to the new wave of public demand with our best-selling Green Germ Control. To learn the Green Clean basics and how to transition to a Green Clean format, check out our Technician 101 with all of the helpful information on Federal Acquisition Regulations, product selection, and custodial duties in an ever-expanding green marketplace. For further information on Green Training, our Technician 102 assists in solving liability issues and sick building syndrome with our online course. In addition, discover how to evaluate a green products and how a green janitorial service can actually solve potential health issues that corporations face. The Executive 301 introduces the principles of Green Marketing and the important facts about ISO, EPA, and other useful information on how to obtain new businesses. Green awareness means participation. Marketing ideas are included with a unique ability to assist in GCI Green Building Certification and have your company become the leader in the green janitorial business in the Executive 302. For management, check out the Manager 201 online training course for green clean management broadly teaching about pollution, sustainability, and health issues among many other important topics. The Manager 202 teaches about indoor air quality, cleaning techniques, bioaccumulation, and other significant subject matters. Of course, fax-in exam is included in all courses. We also carry Green Clean Institute Firm Certifications.

Be sure to browse through the rest of our website to shop for eco-friendly cleaning products and supplies to practice what you preach. Our online superstore is conveniently always open and our inventory is well-stocked so that your purchase ships quickly. If you have any questions or concerns, click to live chat or call us toll-free at 1-800-998-3295 and one of our expertly trained customer service representatives will be happy to assist you. Superior quality, extensive selection, affordable prices, and exceptional service is what is all about. Shop with us today and experience the difference.

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Executive 301, Executive 301 Green Training (GCIC 301)
Executive 302, Executive 302 Green Training (GCIC 302)
Green Clean Institute Firm Certification, GCIC Firm Certification (GCC 101)
Green Clean Institute Firm Certification, Large Firm Certification (GCIC RES)
Green Germ Control (GCIC GERM)
Manager 201, Manager 201 Green Training (GCIC 201)
Manager 202, Manager 202 Green Training (GCIC 202)
Technician 101, Technician 101 Green Training (GCIC 101)
Technician 102, Technician 102 Green Training (GCIC 102)