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If you are in the cafeteria, restaurant, catering, or any food service business, make certain to browse our extensive selection of eco-friendly food service supplies. For anyone wanting to live a greener lifestyle, we carry environmentally-friendly plates, bowls, cups, and so much more for the business owner as well as the homeowner alike.

Shop our online superstore for environmentally conscious, 100% recycled beverage paper napkins by Marcal. Durable and absorbent, these napkins are the perfect alternative to cloth napkins. Our molded fiber serving trays by Chinet are an excellent substitution for the combination of plates and trays. These reliable all-in-one trays are made of 100% recycled paper and renewable resources. Good for the environment, these molded fiber food trays are completely compostable and are not only strong but have superior grease absorption, so they are even good for fried food. Green Stripe offers cold beverage plastic cups that are 100% renewable and compostable made from Ingeo biopolymer, a plant-based plastic derived from corn. If you are interested in going totally tree-free and petroleum-free, check out our rugged, cut-resistant plates that are made from sugarcane. These Zero-Trees brand plates are manufactured from 100% Bagasse, an annually renewable sugarcane by-product and are entirely compostable. We also sell Seventh Generation natural dish soap that is free of chlorine, phosphates, and petroleum-based ingredients, yet is tough on grease. It leaves no harsh chemical residue behind, just a spotless clean.

Whether you are in the market for plates, trays, cups, dish soap, bowls, even straws, cutlery, or clamshell containers, you can be certain that has it all, in stock, and ready to ship. We know how important it is to switch to a greener way of life in every aspect possible, which is why we carry such a huge selection of eco-friendly products. Of course, being environmentally-friendlier should not have to cost you more than any other products. Here we offer our green products at wholesale prices. Everyone should be able to afford to live a greener lifestyle. has all the eco food service products you need and want. Trust us to deliver to your home or business the highest quality and the best prices with exceptional service. You deserve the very best, as do your clients, customers and family. Let provide it to you. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Experience the difference a better company who truly cares can actually make. Come shop with us today!

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Marcal Beverage Napkins, 1-PLY, White, 4,000 Napkins (MAC 0028)

Chinet Premium Strength 12-oz. Paper Bowls, 1,000 Bowls (HUH VITAL)

Chinet Classic Premium Strength 6-3/4" Paper Plates, 1,000 Plates (HUH21226CT)

Seventh Generation Natural Dish Soap, Free & Clear, 12 Bottles (SEV22733CT)

Free & Clear Dish Washing Liquid, 48 oz. Bottle, 6 Bottles (SEV 22724)

ChampWare 6" Heavyweight Molded Fiber Plates, 1,000 Plates (SCH18110)

ChampWare 12-oz Heavyweight Bowls, White, 1,000 Bowls (SCH18750)

12-oz. GreenStripe Compostable Plastic Cups, 1,000 Cups (ECP EP-CC12-GS)

GreenStripe 16oz Compostable Plastic Cold Cup, 1,000 Cups (ECP EP-CC16-GS)

20-oz GreenStripe Compostable Plastic Cold Cup, 1000 Cups (ECP EP-CC20-GS)

9-oz. GreenStripe Compostable Plastic Cold Cup, 1,000 Cups (ECP EP-CC9S-GS)

Plant Starch Cutlery, Cream Colored, 1,000 Forks (ECP EP-S002)

Molded Fiber Clamshell 1 Compartment Containers, 200 Containers (SCH18935)

3 Compartment Molded Fiber Clamshell Containers, 200 Containers (SCH18940)

Eco Products GreenStripe Cold Drink Cups, 16oz, Clear, 1000 Cups (ECOEPCC16GS)

Eco-Products Compostable Clamshell Food Container, 200 Containers (ECOEPHC91)

Eco-products Plant Starch Fork, Cream, 1000/Carton (ECOEPS002)

Eco-Products Compostable Dinnerware, 12 oz. Bowl, White, 1000 Plates (ECOEPBL12)

Hot Food Container, Hinged 3-Compartment, 9"x9"x3", 200 Containers (ECOEPHC93)

Eco-products GreenStripe Cold Drink Cups, 9oz, Clear, 1000 Cups (ECOEPCC9SGS)

Eco-Products Compostable Sugarcane 10" Plates, 50 Plates (ECOEPP005PK)

Eco-products GreenStripe Cold Drink Cups, 12oz, Clear, 1000/Carton (ECOEPCC12GS)

Chinet Classic 12-oz. Paper Bowl, White, 1,000 Bowls (HUH21230)

Chinet Classic 12-oz. Paper Bowl, White, 125 Bowls (HUH21230PK)

Solo Cup Bare Eco-Forward Plates, 8.25", Ivory, 125 per Pack (SCC8PSC2050PK)

Solo Cup Eco-Forward Dinnerware, 12 oz Bowl, Ivory, 125 Bowls (SCC12BSC2050PK)

Naturehouse Bagasse Oval Plate, 9" x 6-1/2", White, 125 Plates (SVAP009)

Naturehouse Bagasse 7" Plate, Round, White, 50 per Pack (SVAP002)

Naturehouse Bagasse 10" Plate, Round, White, 50 Plates (SVAP005)

Eco-products Compostable Dinnerware, 10" Plate, Natural, 500 Plates (ECOEPP005)

Marcal Pro 100% Recycled Beverage Napkins, White, 4000 Napkins (MRC28CT)

Solo Cup Eco-Forward Disposable Plates, Ivory, 125 Plates (SCC6PSC2050PK)

Naturehouse Bagasse 6" Plate, Round, White, 50 Plates (SVAP001)

Naturehouse Bagasse 10" Three-Compartment Plate, White, 50 Plates (SVAP007)

Eco-products Renewable Resource Cold Drink Cups, 20 oz, 1000 Cups (ECOEPCC20GS)

Hefty Super Strong Paper Dinnerware, 16 oz Bowl, Bagasse, 25 Bowls (RFPD71625PK)

Hefty Strong Paper Dinnerware, 8-3/4" Plate, Bagasse, 100 Plates (RFPD79001PK)

Stalk Market Compostable Tableware, 16oz Bowl, Beige, 500 Bowls (STML001)

Stalk Market Compostable Tableware, 10" Plate, Beige, 500 Plates (STMP005)

Huhtamaki Chinet 9" Paprus Bowl, 500 Bowls (FOR-0611)

Huhtamaki Chinet Vanish Bowl, 1,000 Bowls (FOR-0626)

Huhtamaki Chinet Poplar 10-1/2" Round Plate, 500/Case (FOR-1284)

Dart Conex Plastic Cold Cups, 9-oz., Clear, 2,500 Cups (FOR-2237)

Dixie EcoSmart Molded Fiber 3-Compartment Plate, 500 Plates (DXEES10PCOMP)

Solo Cup Company Bare Eco-Forward Plate, 10", 125 Plates (SCC10PSC2050CT)

Eco-Products Compostable Sugarcane Plates, White, 1,000 Plates (ECOEPP016PKCT)

Chinet Molded Fiber Plates, 8-3/4", White, Vines Theme, 500 Plates (HUH22516)

Chinet Molded Fiber Food Tray, 9" x 7", Beige, 500 Trays (HUH10405CT)

Chinet StrongHolder Molded Fiber Food Trays, 9 x 12, Beige, 250 Trays (HUH20815)

Chinet Paper Dinnerware, 3-Comp Plate, 10-1/4" dia, 500 Plates (HUH21204CT)

Chinet Paper Dinnerware, Plate, 6" dia, White, 1,000 Plates (HUH21225)

Chinet Disposable Paper Plate, 6", White, 125 Plates (HUH21225PK)

Chinet Paper 3 Compartment Plate, 9-1/4", White, 500 Plates (HUH21228)

Chinet Classic Paper Plate, 9-3/4", White, 500 Plates (HUH21232)

Chinet Classic Paper Plates, 8-3/4" dia, White, 125 per Pack (HUH21237)

Chinet Classic Paper Oval Platter, 9 3/4 x 12 1/2, 500 Platters (HUH21257CT)

Naturehouse Compostable Sugarcane 16-oz. Bowls, White, 50 Bowls (SVAL010)

Solo Cup Bare Eco-Forward Plate, 6 7/10", Ivory, 1,000 Plates (SCC6PSC2050CT)

Eco-products Sugarcane 9" Plates, White, 500 Plates (ECOEPP013PKCT)

Eco-Products 6" Sugarcane Plates, White, 1000 Plates (ECOEPP016CT)

Eco-Products 32-oz Salad Bowls w/ Lids, 150 Bowls (ECOEPSB32)

Genpak Harvest Fiber Hinged Containers, 9 x 9 x 3, 200 Containers (GNPHF200)

Chinet Molded Fiber 10-1/2" Plate, White, Vines Theme, 500 Plates (HUH22519)

Chinet Pro Round Paper Plates, 8-3/4", White, 500 Plates (HUH25775)

Chinet Paper Pro Fiber Plates, 10 1/2", Natural, 500 Plates (HUH25776)

Solo Bare Eco-Forward Clay-Coated 9" Paper Plate, White, 500 Plates (SCCHP9S)

Solo Bare Eco-Forward Clay-Coated 9" Mediumweight Plate, 500 Plates (SCCMWP9B)

Compostable Sugarcane Bagasse Hot/Cold Cups, 12 oz, White, 1000 Cups (SVAL052CT)

Eco Products 12-oz. Bowl, Wheat Straw, 6" Diameter, 1000 Bowls (ECOEPBW12)

Eco-Products Wheat Straw Plates, 10" Diameter, 500 Plates (ECOEPPW10)

Eco-Products 6" Dinnerware Plates, Wheat Straw, 1000 Plates (ECOEPPW6)

Eco-Products Wheat Straw Plates, 9" Diameter, 500 Plates (ECOEPPW9)

Eco-Products 9-1/2" Salad Bowls with Lids, 64-oz., 150 Bowls (ECOEPSBS64)

Eco-Products Salad Bowls, 48-oz, 9.5" x 2.5", Clear, 300 Bowls (ECOEPSBS48BASE)

Eco-products Food Container Lids, Fits 8-oz sizes, 1000 Lids (ECOEPECOLIDSPS)

Seventh Generation Dishwashing Liquid, Free and Clear, 12 Bottles (SEV44718CT)

StalkMarket Compostable Plates, 10", 300/BX, White (STMP005R)

StalkMarket Compostable Plates, 7", 420/CT, White (STMP011R)

StalkMarket Compostable Plates, 9", White, 300 Plates (STMP013R)

StalkMarket Dessert Plates, 7", 420/CT, White (STMP022R)