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Easily and efficiently clean your bare floors with green cleaning mops from Our environmentally-friendly mops come in all styles, shapes, and sizes yet all come with affordable price tags. Whether you happen to be in the market for microfiber mop frames, wet or dry microfiber mop heads or recycled-fiber looped-end mop heads, you can be certain that has it in stock and ready to ship directly to your doorstep.      

Microfiber pads are the sanitation solution for hospitals and other cleanrooms. They are effective, economical, and environmentally-friendly. Check out our popular Microfiber Quick Connect Pad Holder Frame by Rubbermaid. It is offered in various frame sizes for wet or dry microfiber pads. Use the 11” for cleaning dust and dirt from walls and stairs. The 18” is ideal for cleaning floors with use with both wet and dry microfiber pads. The low profile slides right under furniture with ease. For stress-free cleaning, look into the 24” frame with smooth surface for effectual water run-off. The lightweight aluminum construction includes a pull-type squeegee for water and debris collection. We also carry durable, microfiber scrubber pads to remove stubborn stains and stuck-on food; while our fringed dust mop heads with ultra-fine fibers are perfect for trapping and holding dirt and debris. Our eco-friendly microfiber pads are all machine-washable so you are not adding disposable pads to landfills and polluting the earth even further. Every small change amounts to a huge impact on our world.

Microfiber pads are not the only efficient means of cleaning floors. EchoMop manufactures Looped End Wet Mop Heads are made entirely of recycled materials, such as PET plastic bottles. The four-ply mop head engineered fibers will absorb more than four times its weight in water and releases almost 30% upon wringing. Looped ends reduce unraveling, fraying and lint.    

Whichever type of green mop you are shopping for, you can be sure that has it at an incredibly low, wholesale price. Do not bother wasting your valuable time shopping around for better prices on environmentally-friendly cleaning supplies and green mops. We have the lowest prices, guaranteed. We are rated the #1 cleaning products supply company by our customers. Browse our website and see for yourself. We have the most extensive selection of the highest quality products being sold at the lowest wholesale prices. Shop with us today and experience the difference with  

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Rubbermaid Q550 Hygen 11" Quick-Connect Wall/Stair Dust Mop Frame (RCP Q550)

Rubbermaid Q820 Hygen 11" Microfiber Wall/Stair Damp Mop, Blue (RCP Q820 BLU)

Rubbermaid Q412 Hygen 18" Microfiber Damp Room Mop, 12/Carton (RCP Q412 WHI)

Rubbermaid Q409 Standard 18" Microfiber Damp Mop Pad, 12 Pads (RCPQ409BLUCT)

Rubbermaid Q810 Hygen 18" Microfiber Scrubber Mops, 6 Mops (RCP Q810)

Rubbermaid Q415 Hygen 18" Microfiber Damp Mop with Scrubber (RCP Q415)

Rubbermaid Q560 Hygen 18" Quick-Connect Wet/Dry Frame (RCP Q560)

Rubbermaid Q570 Hygen 24" Quick-Connect Squeegee Frame (RCP Q570)

Rubbermaid Q426 Hygen 24" Microfiber Dust Mop with Fringe, Green (RCP Q426)

Rubbermaid Q438 Hygen 36" Microfiber Dust Mop Pad w/Fringe, Green (RCP Q438)

Rubbermaid Q449 Hygen 48" Microfiber Dust Mop w/Fringe, 1 Mop (RCP Q449)

Boardwalk EcoMop Mop Head, Recycled Fibers, Large, Green, 12/Carton (BWK1200LCT)

Boardwalk EchoMop Looped End Wet Head, Medium, 12/Carton (BWK1200MCT)

Rubbermaid J853-00 24" Microfiber Loop Dust Mop, Green (RCPJ853)

Rubbermaid J855-00 36" Microfiber Looped Dust Mop Head, 1 Mop Head (RCPJ855)

Rubbermaid Q410 Hygen 18" Microfiber Damp Mop Pads, 12 Pads (RCP Q410 BLU)

Rubbermaid Q411 Hygen 24" Microfiber Damp Room Mop Pad, 1 Each (RCP Q411 BLU)

Rubbermaid Q415 Hygen 18" Microfiber Wet Mop Pad w/Scrubber, Blue (RCPQ415BE)

Rubbermaid Q560 Hygen 17" Quick-Connect Wet/Dry Mop Frame (RCPQ560)

Rubbermaid Q570 Hygen 24" Quick-Connect Single Sided Squeegee Frame (RCPQ570)

Rubbermaid Q810 Hygen Microfiber 18" Scrubber Mop Pad, 6 Pads (RCPQ810YEL)

Rubbermaid Q410 Hygen 18" Microfiber Wet Mopping Pads, 12 Pads (RCPQ41000BLU)

Rubbermaid Q426 Hygen Microfiber Fringed 24" Dust Mop, Green (RCPQ42600GR00)

Rubbermaid Q438 Hygen 36" Microfiber Dry Dust Mop Pad, Fringe, Green (RCPQ438)

Rubbermaid Q449 Hygen Microfiber 48" Dust Mop Head w/Fringe, Green (RCPQ449)

Rubbermaid Q820 Hygen Microfiber 11" Wall/Stair Wet Mop Pad (RCPQ820BLU)

Genuine Joe Disposable Mophead, 1" Band, Turquoise, Each (GJO48255)

Rubbermaid Q411 Microfiber 24" Damp Room Mop Pad, Blue, 1 Each (RCPQ411BLU)

Rubbermaid Q550 Hygen 11" Quick-Connect Wall/Stairs Dust Mop Frame (RCPQ550)

Genuine Joe Microfiber Wet Mophead, 5" Band, Small, Each (GJO47538)

Genuine Joe Microfiber Wet Mophead, 5" Band, Small, 12 Mopheads (GJO47538CT)

Genuine Joe Microfiber Wet Mophead, 5" Band, Medium, Each (GJO47539)

Genuine Joe Microfiber Wet Mophead, 5" Band, Medium, 12 Mopheads (GJO47539CT)

Genuine Joe Microfiber Wet Mophead, 5" Band, Large, Each (GJO47540)

Genuine Joe Microfiber Wet Mophead, 5" Band, Large, 12 Mopheads (GJO47540CT)

Libman Medium Microfiber Wet Mop Head, 16", 10 Mops (LIB-02121)

Libman Large Antibacterial Looped-End Wet Mop Head, 10 Mops (LIB-02122)

Reliable Steamboy 200CU Steam Floor Mop (200CU)

Impact Mopster Floor Cleaner with Microfiber Cleaning Pads, 18" (IMPLBH18SPR)

Impact Layflat Microfiber Fringe Dry/Dust Mop Pads, Blue, 36 Pads (IMPLFCB48CT)

Impact Microfiber Wet Mop Heads, Flat, Blue, 120 Mops (IMPLWBS24CT)