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CleanItSupply.com is your online janitorial supply company that also offers a large assortment of facility supplies at low, wholesale prices. Our supply of facility equipment is ideal for restaurants, shopping malls, office buildings, hospitals, schools and much more. Whether you are in the market for ADA signs, step stools and ladders or padlocks, light bulbs, bathroom accessories and key control products, we’ve got the products to suit your needs as well as your budget.

If your facility has public restrooms, you’ll definitely want to check out our stock of ADA signs, including restroom identification signs. If you run a food service location, an “Employees Must Wash Hands” is a must for you. Our online store stocks these signs in a variety of designs so you can choose what suits your location best. While you are working on those bathrooms, be sure to browse our selection of bathroom accessories like hand dryers and toilet flushing systems. We also carry baby changing tables for use in men’s, women’s and family restrooms to provide a safe, sanitary and convenient location for changing babies.

When stocking up on supplies for your facility, you may forget those items that are small, but important. Simply browse our stock to find those products that you may overlook, such as key tags and wrist coils for keys, light bulbs, padlocks and adhesives. If you can’t find something you need or have a question about our line of facility supplies, simply call our toll free number or click to chat live via our website. We specially train our customer service representatives in every product we offer so that they can knowledgeably answer your questions to help you make a well-informed purchase. With high quality products at low prices and the added benefit of superior customer service, why would you want to shop anywhere else? Check out CleanItSupply.com today!

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Rubbermaid Flat 2-Shelf Utility Cart, Medium, Black (RCP 4525 BLA)
Big Foot Rubber Doorstop, Beige (MST 00900)
Big Foot Doorstop, Brown (MST 00920)
Big Foot Doorstop, Gray (MST 00941)
Master Lock Combination Lock (MAS 1500D)
Rubbermaid 4300 Convertible Utility Cart, Black and Red (RCP 4300 BLA)
Rubbermaid 9T64 Deluxe High Security Housekeeping Cart, Black (RCP 9T64 BLA)
Energizer Alkaline Batteries, 9V Size, 4 Batteries (ENE 522FP-4)
Energizer Alkaline Batteries, C Size, 8 Batteries (ENE E93FP-8)
Energizer Alkaline Batteries, D Size, 8 Batteries (ENE E95FP-8)
Energizer Industrial Alkaline Batteries, 9V Size, 12 Batteries (ENE EN22)
Energizer Industrial Alkaline Batteries, AA Size, 24 Batteries (ENE EN91)
Energizer Industrial Alkaline Batteries, AAA Size, 24 Batteries (ENE EN92)
Energizer Industrial Alkaline Batteries, C Size, 12 Batteries (ENE EN93)
Energizer Industrial Alkaline Batteries, D Size, 12 Batteries (ENE EN95)
ErgoTec Glass Scraper (UNG EG150)
ErgoTec Glass Scraper 6 inch Replacement Blades, 25 Blades per Tube (UNG TR15)
Rubbermaid 4505 Flat 2-Shelf Utility Cart, Small, Black (RCP 4505 BLA)
Fluorescent Tubes, 18in Tube, 15 Watts, F15T8CW (GNL 10143)
Fluorescent Tubes, 24in Tube, Cool White, 20 Watts, F20T12CW (GNL 80046)
Four-Pin Tumbler Padlock (MAS 3D)
Rubbermaid 6189 Full Size Housekeeping Cart, Black (RCP 6189 BLA)
Rubbermaid 9T72 High Capacity Cleaning Cart w/Vinyl Bag, Black (RCP 9T72)
Incandescent Indoor Floodlight, Reflector, 65 Watts, #65RFLMI (GNL 20331)
Koala Kare Vertical Baby Changing Station, Cream (KKP KB101-00)
Rubbermaid 9T58 Ladder Cart with Cabinet, Black-Red (RCP 9T58 BLA)
Metal Rim Key Tags (AVY 11-026)
Misty 12-oz. Heavy Duty Adhesive Spray, 12 Aerosol Cans (AMR A315-20)
Rubbermaid Mobile Two-Step Step Stool, Beige (RCP 2523 BEI)
Rubbermaid Step Stool Mobile Two-Step Step Stool, Black (RCP 2523 BLA)
Unisan Toilet Plunger, Wood Handle (UNS 9201)
ProTrim10 Scraper, Replacement Blades, 4in Replacement Blades (UNG TR10)
Safety-Walk General Purpose Tread Rolls, 4 Rolls per Case, 1in Wide (MCO 19220)
Safety-Walk General Purpose Tread Rolls, 2 Rolls per Case, 2in Wide (MCO 19221)
Safety-Walk General Purpose Tread Rolls, 1 Roll per Case, 4in Wide (MCO 19223)
Safety-Walk Medium Resilient Tread Rolls, 1in Wide Gray, Gray (MCO 19321)
Safety-Walk Medium Tread Rolls, Black, 4 Rolls per Case, 1in Wide (MCO 19293)
Safety-Walk Medium Tread Rolls, Black, 2 Rolls per Case, 2in Wide (MCO 19294)
Safety-Walk Resilient Tread Rolls, Black, 1 Roll per Case, 4in Wide (MCO 19296)
Safety-Walk Medium Resilient Tread Rolls, Gray, 1 Roll/Case, 4" Wide (MCO 19322)
Sanitary Liners for Koala Kare Baby Changing Stations, 500 Liners (KKP KB150-99)
Steel Folding Chairs, All-Steel Chair (HNN FC01LBG)
Twin Brass Three-Pin Tumbler Padlocks (MAS 120-T)
Rug id Semi-Commercial Broadcast Spreader - 2400 Cu. In. (SHR-ICESB4500)
Yo-Ho Ice Scraper - 4.5" x 7" (SHR-ICEST05009)
SLi A15 Incandescent Lamps (SHR-SLI16134)
SLi Clear Face Heat Lamp - 250BR40/1/CL/TC (SHR-SLI17559)
SLi Metal Halide Bulbs (SHR-SLI20303)
Sli Lynx Double 2 - Pin Fluorescent Bulb (SHR-SLI26192)
SLi Metal Halide Bulbs (SHR-SLI30009)
SLi Metal Halide Bulbs (SHR-SLI30011)
SLi U-Bent Fluorescent Lamps (SHR-SLI30471)
SLi U-Bent Fluorescent Lamps (SHR-SLI30473)
SLi T-12 Fluorescent Lamps (SHR-SLI30545)
Sli Double Ended T-3 RSC Bulb - 500T3Q/CL (SHR-SLI60275)
SLi Indoor/Outdoor Reflector Flood Lamp - 150B38/FL (SHR-SLI63050)
SLi High Pressure Sodium Bulbs (SHR-SLI90051)
Sli Lynx Double 2 - Pin Fluorescent Bulb (SHR-SLI96183)
Duracell Batteries - D, 8 per Pack (DRC MN13RT8Z)
Duracell Batteries - C, 8 per Pack (DRC MN14RT8Z)
AA Size Duracell Batteries, 10 Batteries (DRC MN1500B10Z)
Duracell Batteries - 9 Volt 4 Batteries per Pack (DRC MN16RT4Z)
Duracell Batteries - AAA, 12 per Pack (DRC MN24RT12Z)
25-Ft Indoor/Outdoor Heavy-Duty Extension Cord (INO 72225)
Koala Kare Horizontal Baby Changing Station, Cream (KKP KB200-00)
Koala Kare Horizontal Baby Changing Station, Gray (KKP KB200-01)
Nifty Nabber Bagger, Green (UNG NB300)
Unisex Accessible Restroom - ADA compliant (PFO-IS1006-15)
Wash Hands Sign in Metal - Black on White (PFO-IS8001-16)
Wash Hands Sign in Metal - Blue on White (PFO-IS8001-15)