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Plastic spray bottles sometimes referred to as squirt bottles, are ideal plastic containers for holding and dispenser liquid with aid of a pump trigger sprayer. Typically, spray bottles are used as a container to hold  and dispense cleaning liquids such as glass cleaners, all purpose cleaners and other specialty chemicals and cleaning products.  Homeowners and gardeners will use spray bottles filled with water to freshen plants and leaves. Whatever the task, our plastic spray bottles for sale are a necessity to properly dispense the requested amount of liquid for the application at hand.

At CleanItSupply.com, we offer wholesale spray bottles to mix and dispense concentrated chemicals and cleaning products. These plastic spray bottles for sale are "natural" in color and have quantity graduations. The easy to read quantity graduations on our squirt bottles enable the user to measure and mix precisely for the cleaning job to be completed. Different size wholesale spray bottles are for use with different size and strength trigger sprayers also available in our Trigger Sprayers category.

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Impact 32 oz. Plastic Graduated Bottle (IMP5032WG)

Impact General Purpose Trigger Sprayer, 8 1/8", Blue/White (IMP350245802)

Genuine Joe Spray Bottle w/ Trigger, Adjustable, 32-oz., 2 Bottles (GJO10449)

Bulk Buys Hourglass Spray Bottle, 24/Pack (KOLE-GV092)

Bulk Buys Pear-shaped Spray Bottle, 24/Pack (KOLE-GV093)

Bulk Buys Travel Size Spray Bottle Counter Top Display, 24/Case (KOLE-HB866)

Bulk Buys Tornado-Shaped Spray Bottle, 24/Pack (KOLE-HG008)

Bulk Buys Multi-Purpose Spray Bottle, 24/Pack (KOLE-HG094)

Bulk Buys Diamond-Shaped Plastic Spray Bottle, 24/Pack (KOLE-HP082)

Bulk Buys 2 Liter Pressure Spray Bottle, 1/Pack (KOLE-UU745)

Mark 11 Disinfectant Label Spray Bottle Combination, 12/Case (CH-40025)

Pak-it Color-Coded Trigger-Spray Bottle, 32-oz., Red (BIG5722104001EA)

Boardwalk Handi-Hold Spray Bottle, Clear, 16-oz, 24 Bottles (BWK00016)

Boardwalk Embossed Spray Bottle, 24 oz, Clear, 24/Carton (BWK00024)

Boardwalk Embossed 32-oz. Spray Bottles, Clear, 24 Bottles (BWK00032)

Boardwalk Trigger Spray Bottle, 32 oz, Clear/Red, HDPE, 3/Pack (BWK03010)

Pak-it Color-Coded Trigger-Spray Bottle, Aqua, 12 Sprayers (BIG5853204012CT)

Pak-it Color-Coded Trigger-Spray Bottle, Fabric Spot Remover (BIG597420004012)

Genuine Joe Plastic Cleaning Bottle, 1 Quart, 1 Each (GJO85100)

Genuine Joe Cleaner Dispenser Plastic Bottle, 96 (GJO85100CT)

Genuine Joe Cleaner Dispenser Plastic Bottle Pack, 12 Bottles (GJO85126)

Genuine Joe 24 oz Plastic Bottle, Clear, 24 Bottles (GJO85139)

Genuine Joe 16 oz. Plastic Bottle, Polyethylene, 24 Bottles (GJO85153)

Zep Professional Trigger Spray Bottle, 32oz, Clear Plastic (ZPE1042202)

Diversey Shockwave Cap Empty Bottle, 32 oz, Clear, 12/Carton (DVOD1223357)

Zep Professional Trigger Spray Bottle, 32 oz, Clear Plastic (ZPEHDPRO36EA)

Impact 24oz SSpray Bottles, Blue/White, 32 Bottles (IMP350245802CT)

Impact Spray Alert System Trigger Spray Bottles, 24oz, 96 Bottles (IMP5024SSCT)

Diversey GP Forward SC 32 oz Cleaner Empty Bottle, Clear, 12 Bottles (DVO939042)

Zep Commercial Professional Spray Bottle, 32 oz, 36 Spray Bottles (ZPEHDPRO36CT)