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Cleaning Accessories is the leading provider of wholesale janitorial supplies and cleaning products. Designed to work in any industry or environment, our line of high-quality, versatile, name-brand cleaning accessories are the perfect complement to any cleaning arsenal. Whether you are a residential consumer, commercial maid service or janitorial fleet, we have the cleaning accessories to meet your needs as well as your budget.  Included in our line of exceptional cleaning accessories are a wide variety of Cleaning Kits, Plungers & Bowl Brushes and Restroom Cleaning Systems. Whether you're a homeowner looking to stock up on your favorite microfiber mop heads or a commercial cleaning company looking to update your supplies, you have found the right place to shop.  

Whether you are faced with the task of cleaning the bathrooms in your home or public restrooms, we have an assortment of restroom cleaning supplies to help you get the job done. If you have a restroom that sees a lot of foot traffic, chances are the toilets may get clogged every once in a while. For this reason, it’s a good idea to keep a plunger on hand and we have a variety of plungers available. With so many surfaces to clean, keeping a supply of color coded microfiber cloths around can be very helpful. Microfiber cleaning cloths help conserve water as they can be used wet or dry and they require fewer chemicals to clean, making them an eco-friendly but effective cleaning option. We carry a large selection of toilet brushes sold as a single unit or as part of a complete system that includes toilet bowl cleaning chemicals as well as a small bucket to hold all of your supplies. Don’t forget how filthy those floors can get. Our online store stocks a variety of mop heads and mop head holders so you can have those floors clean and sanitary in no time. These are just a few examples of the high quality cleaning accessories we sell. Be sure to browse our entire selection to keep your cleaning supplies well stocked.

Here at we pride ourselves on offering our customers superior, personalized service. When you call our toll free number or click to chat live via our website you will immediately be connected with one of our customer service representatives. Our employees are specially trained in the products we offer so that they can knowledgeably answer any question you may have and help you make an informed purchase. We provide you with the highest quality products at low prices along with 5 star customer service so why shop anywhere else? Check us out today!

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3M Easy Trap Flip Holder, 23in Length, Black, 1 Each (MCO 59247)

Unger Easy Adapter 6-ft. Bucket-FIlling Hose, 10 Hoses (UNG WH180)

Ergo Dust Pan & Broom Combination, 12" x 33", Each (UNG EDPBR)

Unger Ergo 8-ft. 2-Section Extension TelePole, Aluminum/Red, 10 Poles (UNGEP24R)

Ergo Toilet Bowl Brush System with Holder, Gray, Plastic, Each (UNG BBWHR)

Mr. Clean 16449 Magic Eraser Extra Power Cleaning Pads, 30 Pads (PGC 16449)

Rubbermaid E052 18" Finish Mop Heap, Looped Fringe, White (RCP E052)

Peoples Paper Picker Pin, 42in Long Paper Picker Pin (UNGPPPP)

Unger Peoples Paper Picker Replacement Pin Plug, Green (UNGPINP)

Unger Pro Glass Window Starter Kit, Poles, Washers, Selves, 6 Parts (UNG PWK0)

ProDuster Disposable Replacement Sleeves, 50 Sleeves (UNG DS50Y)

Unger Restroom Cleaner EZ Flat Mop Holder, Red, 5 Holders (UNG SM40R)

Unger SmartColor Microfiber MicroMop 7.0 Mop Head, Red, Each (UNGMD40R)

Smart Color Red Microfiber Cloths, Heavy-Duty, 10 Dust Cloths (UNGMF40R)

Smart Color Microfiber Yellow Wipes, Heavy-Duty Dust Cloth, 10/Pack (UNGMF40Y)

Unger Smart Color Swivel Corner Brush, 8 2/3", Gray, 10 Brushes (UNGCB20G)

Sprayer-On-A-Belt Sprayer Kit With Belt Clip, 33-oz., Each (UNGSOABG)

Swiffer Dusters with Extendable Handle, 6 Starter Kits (PGC 82074CT)

36" Nifty Nabber, Extended Reach Holder, Black, Each (UNG NN90)

The Nifty Nabber, 51" Extended Reach Grabber, Each (UNG NN14)

The Nifty Nabber Extension Arm, Claw, 18in, Black/green, 5 Each (UNG NN40)

Rubbermaid Toilet Brush Holder for 14.5" Brush, White (RCP 6311 WHI)

Rubbermaid 6310 Toilet Bowl Brush, White, 1 Each (RCP 6310 WHI)

Rubbermaid 6320 17" Commercial Grade Toilet Bowl Brush, Brown Handle (RCP 6320)

Boardwalk Toilet Bowl Mop, 4 1/2" Polypropylene, 12" Plastic Handle (BWK00160EA)

Advantage Stainless Steel Sponges, 12/Pk, 6 Pk/Case (SHR-ADV3035S)

Ettore Pro+ Scraper Replacement Blade - 6", Steel (SHR-ETT1043)

Ettore Pro+ Scraper Complete - 6" (SHR-ETT1044)

Ettore Cleaning Clamp Brush (SHR-ETT55170)

Impact Super Toilet Bowl Caddie (SHR-IMP100)

Impact Products Duralon Toilet Bowl Mop, White (SHR-IMP204)

Libman Round Bowl Scrub Brushes, Polymer Fibers, 6 Brushes (LIB-00022)

Libman Toilet Bowl Brush & Closed Caddy Set, 4 Sets (LIB-00040)

Libman Commercial Round Bowl Brush & Open Caddy Set, 4 Sets (LIB-00034)

Libman Scrub Pads, 6" X 4" Heavy Duty Scouring Pads, 36 Pads (LIB-00066)

Boardwalk White Tampico Wire Toilet Bowl Brush, 1 Each (BWK 6217)

Libman Premium Toilet Plunger & Caddy Set, White & Gray, 4 Sets (LIB-00598)

Libman Premium Angled Toilet Bowl Brush & Caddy Set, 4 Sets (LIB-01022)

Boardwalk White Tampico Toilet Bowl Brush, Plastic, 1 Each (BWK6217)

Boardwalk Grout Brush, Nylon Bristles, 7/8" Trim, 8 1/8" Handle (BWK9008)

The Clincher Mop & Broom Holder, Gloss White, Each (EXC3336WHT2)

Scotch-Brite Non-Scratch Multi-Purpose Blue Scrub Sponges, 6 Sponges (MMM526)

3m Easy Trap Flip Holder, 4" x 23", Plastic, White, 1 Each (MMM59247)

Quickie Lysol Toilet Brush and Caddy, Green, 1 Each (QCK57315)

Rubbermaid 2642 Brute 32 & 44 Gallon Trash Can Caddy, Yellow (RCP264200YW)

Rubbermaid Lobby Pro Upright Dust Pan with Wheels, Black (RCP253100BK)

Rubbermaid Iron Handle 6" Scrub Brush, Plastic, Yellow/Blue (RCP6482COB)

Lysol Bowl Brush with Plunger and Caddy, 20 1/4", White/Green (QCK57365)

Rubbermaid 6311 Toilet Bowl Brush Holder for 14.5" Brush, White (RCP631100WE)

Unger Nifty Nabber Extension Arm w/Claw, 36", Black/Green (UNGNN900)

Unger Dustpan With Broom, 12 Wide, Metal w/Vinyl Coated Handle, Black (UNGEDPBR)

Unger Nifty Nabber Extension Arm w/Claw, 51", Black/Green (UNGNN140)

Rubbermaid Toilet Bowl Brush, Plastic, White, 1 Each (RCP631000WE)

Unger Pro Window Cleaning Kit, Scrubber, Squeegee, Scraper, Sponge (UNGPWK00)

Mr. Clean 16449 Magic Eraser Extra Power Cleaning Pads, 30 Pads (PGC16449)

Rubbermaid 6320 Commercial Grade 17" Toilet Bowl Brush, Brown Handle(RCP6320)

Rubbermaid Tile and Grout Brush, 8.5", Yellow/Black (RCP9B56BLA)

Rubbermaid E052 Finish System Replacement Mop Head, White (RCPE052)

Unger ProDuster Disposable Replacement Sleeve, 7 x 18; 50/Pack (UNGDS50Y)

Swiffer 82074 Duster 360° Extended Handle Kit, 6 Dusters (PGC82074CT)

Unger Nifty Nabber Extension Arm with Claw, 18in, Black/Green (UNGNN400)

Unger Restroom MopHolder, Nylon Head, 16", Red, Each (UNGSM40R)

Unger Easy Adapter Bucket Refill Hose, Rubber Adapter, 6ft, Each (UNGWH180)

TossAway Toilet Plunger Storage Kit (TA-DS100)

TossAway Toilet Plunger Storage Kit Deodorizing Refill Pads, 3 Pads (TA-RF200)

Rubbermaid Executive Quick Cart, Small, Dark Gray (RCP1902467)

Boardwalk Heavy-Duty Scour Pads, Green, 6" x 9", 15 Pads/Carton (BWK186)

Boardwalk Angler Broom, 53" Wooden Handle, Yellow (BWK932AEA)

Boardwalk Handi-Hold Spray Bottle, Clear, 16-oz, 24 Bottles (BWK00016)

Boardwalk Clip-On 180 Degree Swivel Head Wood Dust Mop Handle (BWK1490)

Boardwalk Medium Duty Scrubbing Sponges, Yellow/Green, 20 Sponges (BWK174)

Replacement Heads for Ergo Toilet-Bowl-Brush System, 10 Brush Heads (UNGBBRHRCT)

Boardwalk Microfiber Mop Kit, Frame/Handle, Wet Pad, Dust Mop, Cloths (BWKMFKIT)

Boardwalk Deluxe Bowl Mop, 10" Handle, 2" dia. Head, Plastic, 25 Mops (BWK00160)

Boardwalk Cone Bowl Mop, 10" Handle, 2" dia. Head, Plastic, 25 Mops (BWK00170)

Boardwalk Cone Bowl Mop, 10" Handle, 2" dia. Head, Plastic, White (BWK00170EA)

Boardwalk Toilet Plunger, 18" Handle w/ 5 5/8" Dia Bowl, 6 Plungers (BWK09201)

Swiffer Wet Refill Cloths, Open Window Fresh, 12 Cloths (PGC95531PK)

Mr. Clean 440430 Twisted Wire Toilet Bowl Brush, White, 3 Brushes (BUT440430)

Butler Round Bowl Brush, Plastic, White, 3 Brushes (BUT410302)

Libman Toilet Brush & Plunger Combo, Molded Caddy, 2 Sets (LIB-01024)

Genuine Joe Cleaning Pad Holder with 2 Pads/Set, 12 Sets per Carton (GJO20090CT)

Genuine Joe Toilet Bowl Mop, L-Beam Plastic, 100 Bowl Mops (GJO85122)

Genuine Joe Value Plus Plunger, 23", Yellow, 1 Each (GJO85130)

Genuine Joe Value Plus Plunger 6/Carton(GJO85130CT)

Genuine Joe Value Plus Cone Bowl Mop, 12", White, 25 Bowl Mops (GJO85150CT)

Impact Products Tile and Grout Brushes, 9", White, 12 Brushes (IMP225CT)

E-Z Fill 5 Gallon Container, Heavy Duty Construction, 1 Each (IMP7576)

Impact Products Deluxe Professional Plunger, Dark Blue, 1 Each (IMP9205)

Impact Products Microfiber Backpack System, 1/Set (IMPLBH18BPK)

PGuard Urine Deflector Pee Splash Guard, Fresh Linen Scent, Each (CISPGUARD1)

CLEANIT PGuard - Toilet Seat Urine Deflector, 3 Pack (CISPGUARD3)

CLEANIT PGuard - Toilet Seat Urine Deflector, 6 Pack (CISPGUARD6)

CLEANIT PGuard - Toilet Seat Urine Deflector, 24 Pack (CISPGUARD24)

Genuine Joe 9" Nylon Utility Brush with Eyelet, White (GJO98215)

Genuine Joe 20" Nylon Utility Brush with Eyelet, White (GJO98216)

Genuine Joe 8-1/2" Tampico Utility Brush with Eyelet, White (GJO98217)

Genuine Joe 20" Tampico Utility Brush with Eyelet, White (GJO98218)

Genuine Joe Iron Handle 6" Scrub Brush, Plastic, 6 Brushes (GJO99658)

Lysol Brand 2-in-1 Iron Handle Brush, 2" Bristles, 3" Handle, White (QCK59202SC)

3m Respirator Cartridge/P100 Filter for Vapors/Particulates, 2/Pack (MMM60921)

Libman Commercial Maid Caddy, Polypropylene, 4 Caddies (LIB-01225)

Reliable Brio Pro 1000CC Steam Cleaning System Trolley (1000CT)

Namco Mfg Inc Doggy Do Pet Waste Station Complete, Without Pole (2129)

Namco Mfg Inc Doggy Do Pet Waste Station Complete, With Pole (2129P)

Unger StarDuster Lambswool Duster, 15" Plastic Handle (UNGLWDU0)

Chix Masslinn Dusting Tool, 23w x 5d, Orange, 6/Carton (CHI8050)

Namco Mfg Inc Spin Out Bonnet, 1 gal., Case of 4 (5037-1)

Boardwalk Disposable Eraser Pads, Scrube Sponge,10 Pads (BWK600BX)

Cascades Tuff-Job 2-Ply All Purpose Wipers, White, 18 Boxes (CSDW110)

Impact White Bottle Caps, Fits 28/400mm Threaded Neck, 12 Caps (IMP5024CPDZ91)

Impact Products Toilet Bowl Mop, Deluxe, Head,12" Handle,100 Mops (IMP201)

Impact Tile and Grout Brush, 9", Plastic, White (IMP225)

CLEANIT PGuard - Toilet Seat Urine Deflector, 3 Pack (CIS-PGUARD3)

2xl Gym Wipes, Unscented, 6" x 6", White, 900/Bucket, 2 Buckets (TXL35)

Lysol Brand Bowl Brush with Plunger and Caddy, 20 1/4", White/Green (QCK2054885)

Lysol Brand Toilet Brush and Caddy, Green (QCK2055463)

Green Earth Degreaser, Bio-based, Concentrated, 1 Gallon, Dark Green (BET2170400)

Betco Degreaser, Bio-based, Concentrated, FastDraw, 2 Liter, DGN (BET2174700)

Cottage Protection Station, Basic,Wall Mount, 1 Each (CTTCPPS061000)

Cottage Deluxe Protection Station, Wall Mount, 1 Kit (CTTCPPS061001)

Genuine Joe 9" Nylon Utility Brushes with Eyelet, 12 Brushes (GJO98215CT)

Genuine Joe 8-1/2" Tampico Utility Brushes with Eyelet, 12 Brushes (GJO98217CT)

Genuine Joe 20" Tampico Utility Brushes with Eyelet, 12 Brushes (GJO98218CT)

Impact Contour Trigger Sprayer, White, 24 Sprayers (IMP560024)

Impact Plastic Maids' Basket, 11 x 12-1/4 x 5, Gray, 6 Baskets (IMP1803CT)

Impact Toilet Bowl Brushes with Caddies, White, 12 Brushes (IMP333CT)

LobbyMaster Brook Clip Kit, Black, 100 Brook Clips (IMP2600BCKCT)

Boardwalk Toilet/Drain Plunger, 20" Wood Handle, 6" dia (IMP9201)