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For the lowest prices on Bags and Trash Bags, include a wide selection of Paper Bags and Wax Bags, turn to CleanItSupply.com - the wholesale janitorial superstore. The ideal addition to any industry where a clean, sterile environment is key; our wide selection of high quality, wax bags and can liners offer an impressive degree of sanitation. Designed to line the interior of a disposable hand glove receptacle, our selection of wax bag can liners make sure to keep any environment clean and clear. Fitting perfectly into most standard wall unit sanitary napkin receptacles, our receptacle liners add that extra degree of hygienic protection. From medical clinics, and doctors offices to chemical handling environments, our line of wax bag liners are the ideal fit, for any industry that employs disposable gloves. We take pride in offering you top of the line cleaning and janitorial supplies at great prices. It is our promise, to deliver high-quality, name brand wax bags, at a low, and affordable price. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via our online superstore, we are always available to help assist you. Save on a wide selection of wax bags, and wax bag glove receptacle liners. Shop here for all your bags and trash bag needs, including a wide selection of paper and wax bags.

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Rubbermaid 6140 Sanitary Napkin Receptacle w/Rigid Liner, White (RCP 6140 WHI)

Kraft Waxed Sanitary Napkin Receptacle Paper Liners, 500 Bags (HOS KL)

Hospeco Waxed Paper Receptacle Liners, 250 Liners (HOS HS-6141)

Floor Receptacle Kraft Wax Paper Liners, 500 Liners (HOS 6802W)

Hospeco Sanitary Napkin Receptacle Liner, Kraft Waxed Paper, 500 Bags (HOS260)

Hospeco Waxed Sanitary Napkin Disposal Liners, Kraft, 250 Liners (HOS6141)

Rubbermaid 6140 Sanitary Napkin Receptacle with Rigid Liner, White (RCP614000)

Sanitary Napkin Receptacle Liners, Brown, 500 Liners (HOS6802W)

Bagcraft Dubl Wax SOS Bakery Bags, 6" x 11", White, 1,000/Carton (BGC300296)