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Standard White & Kraft Paper Bags carries a variety of wholesale paper bags and wax bags so you can stock up on everything you need at prices affordable enough to help you stick to your budget. Don’t let the low prices fool you; we stock only the highest quality paper bags and wax paper liners so you can be sure you are getting a strong, reliable paper bag when you buy from our online store.

Every public women’s restroom needs a safe, effective and sanitary method of disposal for feminine hygiene products. We offer many options, including waxed paper liners for use inside sanitary napkin receptacles at low, wholesale prices.

If you are shopping for standard duty paper bags, you’ve come to the right place. Our online janitorial supplies superstore stocks an assortment of brown and white paper bags in varying weights and bulk quantities ideal for any location, whether a grocery store, food service establishment or simply for packing children’s lunches. We offer our customers only the best paper bags with superior tear resistance for reliable storage and transport of your valuable products and delicacies.

Have a question about our selection of paper bags and wax paper liners? takes great pride in providing our customers with superior, personalized customer service. Our employees are specially trained to know the ins and outs of every product we offer. When you call our toll free number or click to chat live you will immediately be connected with one of our customer service representatives ready to answer any question you may have to help you make an informed purchase. Where else can you get high quality products, low prices and outstanding customer service without leaving the comfort of your home of office?

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GEN White 10# Standard-Duty Paper Bags, 500 per Bags (BAG GW10-500)

GEN White 12# Standard-Duty Kraft Paper Bags 500 per Bundle (BAG GW12-500)

GEN White 16# Standard-Duty White Paper Bags, 500 Bags (BAG GW16-500)

GEN White 20# Standard-Duty Kraft Paper Bags 500 per Bundle (BAG GW20-500)

GEN White 20# Squat Standard-Duty Kraft Paper Bags 500 per Bundle (BAG GW20S-500)

GEN White 2# Standard-Duty Kraft Paper Bags 500 per Bundle (BAG GW2-500)

GEN White 4# Standard-Duty Paper Grocery Bags, 500 Bags (BAG GW4-500)

GEN White 6# Standard-Duty Kraft Paper Bags 500 per Bundle (BAG GW6-500)

GEN White 8# Standard-Duty Kraft Paper Bags 500 per Bundle (BAG GW8-500)

Pacon Rainbow Bags, 6# Uncoated Kraft Paper, Bright, 28 Bags (PAC72140)

GEN 12# Paper Bag, 40-Pound Base Weight, White, 500 per Pack (BAGGW12500)

GEN 2# Paper Bag, 30-lb Basis Weight, White, 500 Bags (BAGGW2500)

GEN 4# Paper Bag, 30-Pound Base Weight, White, 5 x 3.33 x 9-3/4 (BAGGW4500)

GEN 6# Paper Bag, 35lb, White, 6 x 3 5/8 x 11 1/16, 500/Pack (BAGGW6500)

Duro Bag Kraft Paper Bags, 6 1/8" x 4 1/6" x 12 7/16", White,500/Ctn (BAGGW8500)

Fischer Paper Products, Hero Bag, 1,000 Bags (FOR-5622)

Fischer Paper Square Glassine Bag, 12,000 Bags (FOR-1800)

Fischer Paper Glassine Silverware Bag, 10,000 Bags (FOR-5766)

Fischer Paper 410-1 Sanitary Napkin Bags, Stock Print, 1,000 Bags (FOR-5617)

Fischer Paper Products White Silverware Bag 2,000 Bags (FOR-5618)

GEN 10# Standard Paper Bag, 35-lb White, 500 Bags (BAGGW10500)

GEN 16# Standard Paper Bag, 40-lb White, 500 Bags (BAGGW16500)

Duro Bag Kraft Paper Bags, Heavy-Duty, 8 lb., Brown, 500/Bundle (BAGGH8500)

Duro Bag White Paper Bags, Tall Standard-Duty, 500/Carton (BAGGW20500)

Duro Bag White Standard Duty Paper Bags, Squat, 500/Carton (BAGGW20S500)

GEN Grocery Paper Bags, White, 5-lb Capacity, 500 Bags (BAGGW5500)

Duro Bag Kraft Paper Bags, Extra Heavy-Duty, Natural, 400 Bags (BAGSK164040)

GEN 1/6 E-Z Tote Handle Brown Paper Bag, 300 Bags (BAGSK1670EZ300)

Duro Lawn/Leaf 30 Gallon Self-Standing Bags, Kraft Brown, 50 Bags (DRO13818)

GEN Paper Lawn & Leaf Bag, 50-lb Kraft, 50 Bags (BAGRBR30105BO)

GEN #10 Paper Grocery Bag, 50lb Kraft, Heavy-Duty, 500 bags (BAGGH10500)

Hygloss Pinch Bottom Bags, Flat, 6"x9", 28/PK, Ast (HYX56289)

Hygloss Paper Lunch Bags, 4-1/2"x2-1/2"x8-1/2", 50/PK, Ast (HYX62509)

Hygloss Paper Lunch Bags, 6"x2-1/2"x11", 50/PK, Ast (HYX66559)

Bagcraft Dubl Wax SOS Bakery Bags, 6" x 11", White, 1,000/Carton (BGC300296)

Hospeco Waxed Kraft Liners, 10.5" x 9.38", Brown, 250/Carton (HOS6141)

Hospeco Napkin Receptacle Liners, 7.5" x 3" x 10.5", Brown, 500/Carton (HOS260)

Pacon Rainbow Bags, 6" x 11", Assorted Bright, 28/Pack (PAC0072140)

Rubbermaid Commercial Waxed Napkin Receptacle Liners, 2.75" x 8.5", Brown, 250/Carton (RCP6141)