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Toothpicks have been around for thousands of years and is the oldest known instrument for dental cleaning. Back then, toothpicks were made of anything from wood to metal. Nowadays, toothpicks are usually made of wood and plastic rather than metal and are not only used to quickly clean teeth after a meal, but also as spears for appetizers and other small foods at parties and other festive occasions.

Here at, we carry some of the best toothpicks on the market today from trusted name brands such as Royal Paper Products. All of our toothpicks are durable, sturdy and made from quality wood so you are getting a consistently reliable product. Whether you are in need of round wood toothpicks or refreshing mint-flavored ones, you can be sure to find it here at an incredible price. offers top quality toothpicks and other food service products at low, wholesale prices.

For parties and other special events, we have fun and colorful frill toothpicks for smaller plate food items. For larger appetizers such as cheeses and fruits that would benefit from sticks that can hold slightly heavier food items, appetizer picks are ideal. Economical, space saving, and fun to use, our appetizer picks are the perfect alternative to forks. Our individually-wrapped toothpicks are a wonderful sanitary option for homes, businesses and restaurants alike. Our toothpicks are made of the highest quality wood, sanded ultra smooth with sharp ends that will not splinter.

Whichever toothpicks are right for you, whether they are round, frilled, or flavored, be sure to shop here at to enjoy everyday discounted prices on all of your food service and restaurant supplies. Stock up and buy your toothpicks in bulk to save big. Purchase by the case, box, carton or pack, the choice is up to you. Shop CleanItSupply today!

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Cello-Wrapped Wooden Toothpicks, 15,000 Toothpicks (RPP RIW15)

Cello-Wrapped Wooden Toothpicks, Mint Flavored, 15000 Toothpicks (RPP RM115)

Round Wooden Toothpicks, Birch Wood, 1 Box, 800 Toothpicks (RPP R820)

2.75in Regular Wooden Frill Toothpicks, 10,000 Toothpicks (RPP R811W)

Wooden Frill Toothpicks, 4in Club, 1000 Toothpicks (RPP R812W)

Chenille Kraft Flat Wooden Toothpicks, 2500 Toothpicks (CKC369001)

Royal Club Cellophane-Frill Wood Picks, 4", Assorted, 1000/Ctn (RPPR812W)

Royal Round Wood Toothpicks, 2 3/4", Natural, 96,000 Toothpicks (RPPR820)

Bulk Buys Toothpick dispenser set, 12/Pack (KOLE-HS040)

Bulk Buys Appetizer Picks, 36/Pack (KOLE-HT858)

Royal Cello-Wrapped Round Wood Toothpicks, 2 3/4", 1000/Box, 15 Boxes (RPPRIW15)

Royal Regular Cellophane-Frill Toothpicks, Assorted, 1000/Carton (RPPR811W)

Royal Mint Cello-Wrapped Wood Toothpicks, Natural, 15,000/Carton (RPPRM115)

Royal Square Natural Wood Toothpicks, 2-3/4", 24 Boxes (RPPR820SQ)