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Buying the right glove for handling and preparing food is important, which is why picking the correct disposable foodservice glove is key. Specifically created for handling and preparing food for both commercial and residential needs, poly foodservice gloves are the perfect fit for all food preparation personnel. Easy to apply and remove, our exceptional polyethylene gloves are as comfortable, as they are easy to work with, providing the user continued dexterity when in use. Strong and dependable, our disposable Poly Foodservice gloves are predicated on safety, making them a smart, reliable choice, every time. We here at CleanItSupply.com understand the risks of the food service industry, for not only the handlers, but the consumer as well. Maintaining a clean, sterile workspace is crucial, and keeps the food free from any unknown factor that can arise in a kitchen environment..
Regardless if you are a household user or a restaurant owner, the poly foodservice gloves are fit whatever you need to accomplish. Whether you are handling food for a home party, doing light chores around the house or painting a shed, our polyethylene disposable gloves are a perfect addition. Versatile as well as affordable all of our disposable gloves are sold at low, wholesale  prices at the nations’ #1 online superstore.

For the highest quality Poly Foodservice gloves and skin care & hand soap products, turn to the number one wholesale janitorial supplies provider. Our polyethylene food service gloves and products are the perfect addition to any commercial or residential kitchen looking for protection and safety while handling food.
We have national brands such as Galaxy and Safety Zone at wholesale discount prices. The synthetic food handling/general purpose gloves are just what you need for commercial, school, and home use. They are powder free, stretchable and designed to fit either hand. Our polyethylene gloves are excellent for food preparation, serving and all transferring of food or beverage.

All of our polyethylene gloves are both FDA and USDA compliant, which important to any food service business. We understand the risk of allergic reactions in the food service industry which is why all of our poly foodservice gloves are 100% latex free; which means there are no problems with those who suffer from a sensitivity or allergy issues with other gloves. You will find the gloves offered by all our brands are watertight, which is especially important when handling certain types of food products. Be sure to check out our complete line of rubber gloves and exam gloves including disposable latex gloves, disposable nitrile gloves, vinyl gloves, work gloves and more. Our wholesale discount pricing is available to any customer whether you are purchasing for commercial or household reasons. Call or order today and save on all of your commercial foodservice gloves and/or residential food handling glove needs.

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General Purpose Powdered Vinyl Gloves, Large, Clear, 100 Gloves (GEN8960LBX)

Protected Chef Disposable Gloves,Polyethylene,Large,1000/BX,Clear (PDF8600L)

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Protected Chef Disposable Gloves,Polyethylene,Medium,10000/CT,Clear (PDF8600MCT)

Protected Chef Disposable Gloves,Polyethylene,Small,10000/CT,Clear (PDF8600SCT)

General Purpose Vinyl Gloves, Powder-Free, X-Large, Clear, 4 mil, 100/Box (GEN8961XLBX)