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Infectious Biohazard Waste Bags & Red Trash Bags

Welcome to Internet's premiere infectious waste bag can liners & red trash bag wholesaler providing the widest selection of red biohazard trash bags. Need to know how to dispose of biohazard waste bags?  Call the experts at We provides red biohazard waste bags to hospitals, doctor's offices, labs, nursing homes, emergency rooms, clinics, and other medical facilities at wholesale discount prices. These biohazard waste bags are easy to dispose of, impervious to moisture, and have strength sufficient to preclude ripping, tearing, or bursting under normal conditions of usage and handling. Whether you need to purchase one case or 100 cases, shop here at to meet all of your Biohazard Garbage bags needs.

Here at we offer a variety of Bio Hazard Infectious Waste Bags with Biohazard Emblem at wholesale discount prices, saving you money. Our trash bag line includes Biohazard Garbage Bags Biohazard Specimen bags, which are great for hospitals, doctor's offices, labs, nursing homes, emergency rooms, clinics, and other medical facilities. Preprinted biohazard symbol and caution message warn staff to use extra care while handling and disposing contents. Made of resilient, high density polymer film. They offer outstanding puncture resistance. This trash bag is for infectious waste and infectious linen. Items are in stock for immediate shipment. Large Quantity Discount available. Here at we pride ourselves on being one of the leading suppliers of Janitorial Supplies including our large line of wholesale Biohazard Waste Bags. 

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15 Gallon Biohazard Waste Bags, 1.3 Mil, 250 Bags (JAG IW2432R)

33 Gallon Biohazard Infectious Waste Bags, 1.3 Mil, 150 Bags (JAG IW3339R)

40 to 45 Gallon Bio-hazard Waste Bags, 1.3 Mil, 100 Bags (JAG IW4046R)

Health Care "Biohazard" Liners, 1.3mil, 40 x 46, Red, 100/CT (JAGIW4046R)

Health Care "Biohazard" Liners, 1.3mil, 33 x 39, Red, 150/CT (JAGIW3339R)

Health Care "Biohazard" Liners, 1.3mil, 24 x 32, Red, 250/CT (JAGIW2432R)

Flexsol Biohazard/Infectious Waste Hospital Liners, 39" x 33", 33 Gal, Red, 150/Carton (ESXHRS3339)