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Paint, Graffiti & Gum Removers

Back in the 80’s graffiti may have had its short-lived admirers mistaking it for art, but now it is time to take back what was once a graffiti-free, un-vandalized, sticker and chewing gum-free zone and get it back to what it is meant to be: clean. Here at we have graffiti and vandalism mark and paint removers, gum and wax removers, and removers for anything in between at wholesale prices. We carry the top name-brands such as Misty, Boardwalk, Temp, 3M, Lift-Off and Claire in forms of trigger sprays, aerosol cans, paste, stay-put gels, pre-moistened wipes and even have formulas to freeze and remove stuck-on gum and wax for a quick and neat elimination without staining or residue. These products are great for use in schools, homes, offices, auditoriums, theaters, libraries, churches, restrooms, trucks, buses, on glass and marble, cement walls, even road signs. Searching for a greener alternative? Try Lift Off #4 Spray Paint and Graffiti Remover, a water-based, biodegradable, low VOC formula that is Green Cross Certified. Get back to clean, one surface at a time and remember, always think of for all your cleaning supply needs.

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3M Ready-to-Use Gum Remover, 6 Bottles per Carton, 8-oz. Bottle (MCO 34854)

Graffiti & Spray Paint Remover, 12 Cans per Ctn, 20-oz. Aerosol Can (ITW07820)

Lift Off #3 Pen, Ink & Marker-Graffiti Remover, 6 Flip-Top Bottles (MOT40903)

Lift Off #3 Pen, Ink & Marker-Graffiti Remover, 6 Bottles (MTS 40901)

Lift Off Spray Paint Graffiti Remover, 6 - 32 oz. Bottles per Carton (MTS 41103)

Misty Gum Remover II, 12 Aerosol Cans (AMRA18312CT)

Misty Vandalism Mark Remover, 12 - 16-oz. Aerosol Cans (AMRA17820)

Scrubs Graffiti & Paint Remover Wipes, 6 Canisters (DYM 90130)

Claire Graffiti-Wipe (SHR-CLR963)

Boardwalk Vandalism Mark Remover, 12 Cans (BWK351ACT)

Boardwalk Chewing Gum & Candle Wax Remover, 12 Cans (BWK353ACT)

Simoniz Aerosol Chewing Gum & Wax Remover, 12 Cans (SIM-S3342012)

Duck Adhesive Remover, 5.45 oz. Spray Bottle (DUC000156001)

Scrubs Graffiti & Paint Remover Towels, 6 Canisters (ITW90130CT)

3m Gum Remover, Liquid, 8 oz. Bottle (MMM34854EA)

Motsenbocker's Lift-off, Ink, Graffiti Remover, 22 oz. Trigger Spray (MOT40901)

Motsenbocker's Lift-off Pen, Ink Graffiti Remover, 22oz Bottle (MOT40901CT)

Motsenbocker's 4 Spray Paint Graffiti Remover, 32oz, Bottle, 6/Carton (MOT41103)