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Lorell Art, Circle Ii, 29-1/4"Wx2"Lx29-1/4"H, Gray/Yellow (LLR04475)

Lorell Art, Blocks I, 29-1/2"Wx2"Lx29-1/2"H, Black/Gold (LLR04476)

Lorell Art, Blocks Ii, 29-1/2"Wx2"Lx29-1/2"H, Black/Gold (LLR04477)

Lorell Art, White Flower I, 27-1/2"Wx2"Lx35-1/2"H, Gray/White (LLR04478)

Lorell Art, White Flower Ii, 27-1/2"Wx2"Lx35-1/2"H, Gray/White (LLR04479)

Lorell Art, Raining Sky, 40" W x 2" L x 40" H, Gray (LLR04480)

Lorell Art, Abstract I, 27-1/2"Wx2"Lx35-1/2"H, Brown/White (LLR04470)

Lorell Art, Abstract Ii, 27-1/2"Wx2"Lx35-1/2"H, Black/White (LLR04471)

Lorell Art, In The Middle I, 27-1/2"Wx2"Lx39-1/2"H, Aqua (LLR04472)

Lorell Art, In The Middle Ii, 27-1/2"Wx2"Lx39-1/2"H, Aqua (LLR04473)

Lorell Art, Circle I, 29-1/4"Wx2"Lx29-1/4"H, Gray/Yellow (LLR04474)