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Viva Paper Towels are manufactured by parent-company Kimberly-Clark Worldwide Inc. Viva came about because of consumer demands for a stronger, more cloth-like paper towel for daily use that was still soft enough to prevent skin irritation. Kleenex, a trademark branch of Kimberly-Clark, created a cloth-like material called "Cheesecloth UGG" during World War II for gas mask filters and surgical dressings. In response to consume demands for a more cloth-like paper towel, the company later used the cloth-like material to develop Viva paper towels.

Research found that softness was cited as an important characteristic of a cloth-like towel, especially so for those consumers who use the towels for drying hands and wiping faces. Viva created the only one-ply towel that has better qualities than its two-ply competitors on the market today, including a softer feel, thanks to their proprietary technology. Superior in softness, wet-toughness and total sheet absorbency, Viva brand paper towels feel like cloth, with the convenience and sanitary properties of a disposable paper towel.

In fact, The Good Housekeeping Institute named Viva Paper Towels as the best overall performing paper towel in their tests. The cloth-like consistency of Viva paper towels means that they do not tear easily and work wet or dry for heavy-duty messes. Kleenex does urge customers to use Viva towels for tasks such as cleaning surfaces like cooktops and countertops after cooking, wiping off kitchen cabinets from food splatters and spills, and cleaning up messes from the kitchen table. Viva kitchen paper towels are also durable enough to use with dish soap to wash dishes and scrubbing the sink because of their densely packed fibers that create a sturdy towel for cleaning.

If you are in the market for a thick and strong paper towels that holds up even when wet, very absorbent and quick to soak up spills, and has a cloth-like softness to the touch, then Viva Paper Towels are for you! Shop for discounted Viva towels with us and enjoy top quality products at every day, low wholesale prices. Save even more by purchasing your Viva Paper Towels in bulk. Whether you prefer the sponge-like absorbency of Viva Vantage Choose-A-Sheet paper towels to easily clean up any size mess in the bathroom, kitchen, or even on the outdoor grill, we have you covered for less. The more you buy, the more you save! Be sure to shop and save with today!

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