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Insecticides Baits

Far too often when faced with an insect problem in the home or workplace, an aerosol can of bug spray is the first thing that is reached for. Yet that may not be the fastest, most efficient way to free yourself of the issue. It is certainly not the safest method around food handling and preparation areas. has alternative methods such as roach killing gel and insect traps to get rid of your pest problem, without inhaling harmful fumes. The Cobra Translucent Light Insect Trap offers the most efficient glue board insect control system, using ultra-violet light to lure and then capture insects on removable adhesive trapping boards. Cobra's innovative translucent technology emits the most UV light intensity compared to competitors’ systems. They are specially formulated to ensure that once inside the trap, the insects are permanently trapped. The boards keep the insects out of sight and intact, so there is no mess for you to clean after they are captured. These boards have a large catch and retaining area so you can change them less frequently, and are ideal for heavy infestations. Easy and simple to replace, they provide fast, safe and effective round-the-clock insect control for use in food handling areas as well as other parts of your home or workplace.

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Combat Ant Killing System, 6 Ant Bait Traps, 1 Pack (DIA45901)

Combat Source Kill Large Roach Killing System, 8 Discs (DIA41913)

Combat Ant Bait Insecticide Strips, 0.35 oz, 5/Box, 12 Box/Carton (DIA01000CT)

Combat Source Kill Large Roach Killing System, 8/PK, 12 Packs (DIA41913CT)

Combat Roach Bait Insecticide Station, 0.49-oz, 96 Bait Stations (DIA51913)

D-con Bait Station & Refills, 1 Bait Block-5 Refills/Bx, 8 Boxes (RAC98343)

Raid Roach Baits, 0.63 oz Box, 12 Baits/Box, 12 Boxes (SJN697324)

Raid Bed Bug Detector and Trap, 17.5 oz, Aerosol, 6/Carton (SJN674798)

Raid Bed Bug Detector and Trap, 17.5 oz, Aerosol (SJN674798EA)