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Utility Wipers

CleanItSupply.com is the leading online janitorial supply company offering a line of quality name brand paper products including an assortment of utility wipers. Perfect for spray-and-wipe jobs, glass surface cleaning, absorbing small liquid spills, detail and final assembly wiping, our line of quality utility wipers are the ideal addition to any industrial, commercial, or residential location. Specifically designed for better cleaning and enhanced absorbency, our line of utility wipers provide a detailed clean you won’t get from the average paper towel. Our online stores stocks the most trusted brand name manufacturers like Kimberly Clark and Georgia Pacific at low, wholesale prices so you will never have to sacrifice quality for affordability.

We offer everything from utility wipers, shop wipes and general purpose towels for more heavy duty clean-ups to sorbent pads and rolls designed to absorb spills, including industrial liquids. Ideal for commercial cleaning crews, janitorial services and residential homes, Wypall Wipers feature a textured side for extra cleaning power and multi-ply capacity with absorbency pockets for quick absorption of large spills. We offer general purpose towels from a number of manufacturers that are durable, tear-resistant and perfect for heavy-duty tasks. These multi-use rags also have the ability to absorb more than nine times their weight in liquid, so you can use them to clean up even the biggest spills.

These are just a few examples of the utility wipers we offer. Be sure to browse our entire selection to find the wipers best suited for your location and budget. Not sure what utility rags are right for the tasks you have at hand? Our customer service associates are standing by to help. Call our toll free number or click to chat live via our website to reach one of our representatives. Here at CleanItSupply.com we provide our employees with extensive training in all of the janitorial and cleaning supplies we offer so they can provide you with all of the information you need to make a smart purchase. Shop our website to get the best prices on high quality, dependable products. Click or call today to start saving!

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Wypall L10 All Purpose Utility Wipers, 2,250 Wipers (KCC 05320)

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The Cleaning Station Pre-Moistened Wipes, 4 Rolls, 3200 Wipes (CH-20060)

Wypall X80 Jumbo Roll Utility Wipers, Blue, 475 Wipes (KCC 41043)

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Wypall L40 General Purpose Wipers, 16.4" x 9.4" , 900 Wipers (KCC05790)

Scott Shop Towels Pop-Up Box, 10" x 12", 8 Boxes, 1600 Towels (KCC75190)

Brawny Professional P100 Light-Duty Paper Wipers, 148/BX, 20 Boxes (GPC29221)

Wypall L10 Large Utility Wipers, 10 1/4" x 12", 2,250 Wipers (KCC05322)

Wypall L20 All Purpose Wipers, Multi-Ply, White, 176 Wipers/Box (KCC34607)

Wypall X80 Shop Wipers Jumbo Roll, White, 475 Wipers (KCC41025)

Wypall X80 Jumbo Roll Shop Wipers, Blue, 475 Wipers (KCC41043)

Wypall X80 Industrial Wipes in Brag Box, White, 160 Wipers (KCC41044)

Wypall L20 Utility Wipes, Paper Fiber, Brown, 12 Packs (KCC47000)

Chix Worxwell General Purpose Towels, 13 x 15, 100 Towels (CHI8481)

Chix General Purpose Towel, 13 x 15, White, 300 Towels/Carton (CHI8483)

Universal Absorbent Pad, 15" x 17", Heavyweight, 100 Pads per Box (ANRABBPU100)

Anchor Universal Sorbent Pad, 15" x 17", Lightweight, 100 Pads (ANRABBPU500)

Spc Battlemat Sorbent Roll, 3-PLY, 30in x 150ft, 1 Roll (SBDBM30)

Wypall X80 Heavy Duty Wipers in Brag Box, White, 160 Wipers (KCC 41044)

Scrubs Dish Cleaning Wipes, Lavendar Scented, 50 Wipes (ITW98256CT)

Kimtech KIMTEX Wipers, Pop-Up Box, Blue, 5 Boxes/Carton (KCC33570)

Tork ShopMax Wiper 450, Centerfeed Refill, Blue, 200/Roll, 2 Rolls (TRK450338)

Sontara Multi-Purpose Wipers, Blue, 96 Wipes per Box, 1 Box (E673BX)

Sontara Multi-Purpose Wipers, White, 96 Wipes per Box, 1 Box (E674BX)

Sontara Multi-Purpose Wipers, 9" x 16.5", Blue, 96 Wipes/Box, 8 Boxes (E673)

Sontara Multi-Purpose Smooth Wipers, 9 x 16.5 in, White, 8 Boxes (E674)

Sontara Multi-Purpose Wipers, Blue, 96/Box, 4 Boxes (E6734BDL)

Sontara Multi-Purpose Wipers, White, 96/Box, 4 Boxes (E6744BDL)

Tork Advanced ShopMax Wiper 450, Blue, 60 Towels/Roll, 30 Rolls (TRK450360)

Tork Cleaning Cloth, 1-Ply, 16.125" x 8.46", White, 500 Cloths (TRK510175A)

Sontara Multi-Purpose Wipers, Blue, 96/Box, 2 Boxes (E6732BDL)

Sontara Multi-Purpose Wipers, Blue, 96/Box, 6 Boxes (E6736BDL)

Sontara Multi-Purpose Wipers, White, 96/Box, 2 Boxes (E6742BDL)

Sontara Multi-Purpose Wipers, White, 96/Box, 6 Boxes (E6746BDL)

Tork Foodservice Cleaning Cloths, 24" x 13", Red, 150/Box (TRK192193)

Tork Foodservice Cloth, 21" x 13", White, 150/Box (TRK192195)

Tork Foodservice Cloths, 21" x 13", Blue, 150/Box (TRK192196)

Tork Low-Lint Cleaning Cloth Pop-Up Box, 1-ply, 8 Boxes, 800 Cloths (TRK192475)

Tork Advanced ShopMax Wiper 450, 9.1 x 11, White, 30 Rolls (TRK450160)

Tork Heavy-Duty Cleaning Cloth, 1-Ply, 12.6 x 13, White, 300 Cloths (TRK5301505)

Tork Heavy-Duty Cleaning Cloth,Pop-Up Box,8.5"x16.1",White, 5 Boxes (TRK5301755)

Wypall X70 Heavy Duty Wipers Brag Box, White, 200 Cloths (KCC55300)