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Simoniz Digest Enzyme Drain Cleaner, 4 Gallons (SIM-D0860004)

Windex Glass Cleaner with Ammonia-D, 32-oz.Trigger Spray Bottle (SJN695237EA)

Drano Liquid Clog Remover, 32-oz Safety Cap Bottle (SJN000116EA)

Guardian WaterGuard Indoor/Outdoor Scraper Mat, 36"x120", Brown (MLLWG031014)

Shop-vac Wall Mount Vac, 5-Gallon Capacity, 17 lbs, Yellow/Black (SHO3942010)

Windex Formula Glass & Surface Cleaner, 1 Gallon Bottle (SJN696503EA)

Guardian WaterGuard Wiper Scraper Indoor Mat, 36"x60", Charcoal (MLLWG030504)

Shop-Vac 6 Gallon Right Stuff Wet/Dry Vacuum, Yellow/Black, Each (SHO9650610)

Tilex 01100 Mold & Mildew Remover, 12 Trigger Spray Bottles (CLO01100)

Rubbermaid 5642 Big Wheel Agriculture Cart, Black (RCP5642BLA)

Cci Vinyl Outdoor Extension Cord, 50 Ft, 13 Amp, Orange (COC02308)

CCI Vinyl Extension Cord, 100ft, AWG 16/3, SJTW-A, Orange (COC02309)

Jackson Eagle Long-Handle Round Point Shovel, 46" Handle, Steel/Ash (JPT1554300)

Jackson Eagle Long-Handle Square Point Shovel, #2 Blade, Steel/Ash (JPT1554500)

Jackson Eagle Garden Hoe, Steel, White Ash, 1 Each (JPT1850100)

Jackson Eagle Bow-Style Garden Rake, Steel Head, 1 Each (JPT1881600)

UnionTools 30" Poly Leaf Rake, A-Frame Design, Black, Each (UNN64169)

Uniontools 22" Deluxe Speed Steel Tine Leaf Rake, Each (UNN64430)

Fiskars Telescoping Power-Lever Bypass Lopper, Cushioned Grip (FSK91686935J)

Fiskars Telescoping Power-Lever Hedge Shears, Cushioned Grip (FSK91696935J)

Fiskars Leaf Rake, Cushioned Grip, Black/Orange, 1 Each (FSK96605935J)

Fiskars Long-Handle Digging Shovel, Cushioned Grip (FSK96685935J)

Gilmour Eight-Ply Flexogen 10 Series Garden Hose, 3/4in x 50ft (GLM10034050)

Sterling Paint Brush Set, 10/Pack (KOLE-HB503)

Sterling Deluxe Paint Brush, 24/Pack (KOLE-MS087)

Bulk Buys 3 Layer PVC Garden Hose, 1/Pack (KOLE-OB877)

Bulk Buys Solar LED Light and UV Bug Zapper, 1/Pack (KOLE-OC277)

Unger Nifty Nabber Trigger-Grip Extension Arm, 32in, Aluminum/Green (UNGNT080)

Hoover C2401 Bagless Backpack Vacuum Cleaner, Black (HVRC2401)

Hoover L1405 Commercial SpinSweep 18" Pro Outdoor Sweeper, Black (HVRL1405)

General Paper Lawn & Leaf Bag, 50-lb Kraft, 50 Bags (BAGRBR30105BO)

Clorox Outdoor Bleach, 120 oz Bottle, 3 Bottles/Carton (CLO30791)

Koblenz WD-16K Wet-Dry Vacuum Cleaner (KOB-00-5440-3)

Koblenz WD-6K2 Wet-Dry Vacuum Cleaner (KOB-00-5484-1)

Glad 30 Gallon Large Drawstring Garbage Bags, 90 Bags/Carton (CLO78952)

Fiskars Pro Pruner, Steel, Black, 1" Branch Diameter (FSK91246935J)

Fiskars Shrub Rake, 8" Head, 66" Handle, Plastic/Aluminum (FSK96615935J)

Fiskars Steel D-Handle Digging Shovel, Black, 1 Each (FSK96696925J)

Glad 30 Gallon Drawstring Trash Bags, Blk, 30x33, 1.05mil, 28 Bags (CLO78966BX)

Windex Non-Ammoniated Multi Surface Cleaner, 128 oz, 4 Bottles (SJN697262)

Karcher 1,700 PSI 1.3 GPM Electric Pressure Washer (KCRK1700)

Karcher 2,000 PSI 1.3 GPM Electric Pressure Washer (KCRK2000)

Quickie Multisurface Pushbroom, 24 Inch Brush, 63-3/4 Handle (QCK639FGRM15)

Quickie Bulldozer Landscaper's Upright Broom, 48" Handle, Red/Gray (QCK7576ZQK)

Easy Kleen Commercial Hot Water Gas Pressure Cleaning System, 6.5 HP (EZO2703G)

Zep Mold Stain and Mildew Stain Remover, 1 Gallon Bottle (ZPEZUMILDEW128E)

Zep Mold Stain and Mildew Stain Remover, 32 oz Spray Bottle (ZPEZUMILDEW32EA)

Zep Commercial Drain Opener, 64-oz Bottle (ZPEZULHG64EA)

Lorell Bench, Outdoor, Faux Wood, 22"Wx72"Lx18-1/10"H, Teak/Black (LLR42690)

Lorell Bench, Outdoor, W/ Backrest, 22"Wx72"Lx18-1/10"H, Ccl/Bk (LLR42691)

Lorell Chair, Outdoor, 18-1/2"Wx23-1/2"Lx35-2/5"H, 4/Ct, Tk/Bk (LLR42685)

Lorell Chair, Outdoor, 18-1/2"Wx23-1/2"Lx35-1/2"H, 4/Ct, Ccl/Bk (LLR42687)

Lorell Bench, Outdoor, Faux Wood, 18-1/10"Wx72"Lx18-1/10"H, Tk/Bk (LLR42688)