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Tool Balancers

Tool Balancers have been used for many years to effectively hold hand-operated tools in a fixed position. With the right tool balancer, it can actually help decrease worker fatigue, improving operators’ ergonomics, and hereby enhance productivity. A tool balancer simply positioned above your machinist’s workstation will carry the weight of his or her tool so your worker doesn’t have to.

A good quality tool balancer helps to reduce the risk of injury to your workers by reducing fatigue and increasing productivity. This is because the worker that uses a tool balancer will not need to support the weight of his or her tool for multiple hours on end. Tool balancers help decrease worker’s muscular fatigue which in turn helps to keep the operator’s motions efficient and precise. This helps your workers feel better so they can work not only harder and faster, but also smarter with less likelihood of making mistakes or having an accident. Keep your workplace safe with top quality Reelcraft spring retractable tool balancers and improve employee satisfaction and watch efficiency increase throughout your company. Repeated motion of any portion of the body will eventually cause physical problems. In fact, the most common workplace injuries are musculoskeletal disorders caused by repetitive motion. According to the 2013 Bureau of Labor Statistics, musculoskeletal disorders represented a whopping 33% of all worker injury and illness cases. Protect your workers’ muscles, nerves, blood vessels, ligaments, and tendons by doing the heavy lifting for them with the ideal tool balancer.

Take a load off with top quality spring retractable tool balancers from Reelcraft right here at for low, wholesale prices. For tough performance and dependability, shop with us and save big on quality tool balancers plus so much more today!

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Reelcraft TB 01 Spring Retractable Tool Balancer, 1.5-lb (TB 01)

Reelcraft TB 03 Spring Retractable Tool Balancer, 3.0-lb (TB 03)

Reelcraft TB 05 Spring Retractable Tool Balancer, 5.0-lb (TB 05)

Reelcraft TB 10 Spring Retractable Tool Balancer, 10.0-lb (TB 10)

Reelcraft TB 12 Spring Retractable Tool Balancer, 12.0-lb (TB 12)

Reelcraft TB 15 Spring Retractable Tool Balancer, 15.0-lb (TB 15)

Reelcraft TB 23 Spring Retractable Tool Balancer, 23.0-lb (TB 23)

Reelcraft TBL 10 Spring Retractable, Ratchet Lock Tool Balancer, 10-lb (TBL 10)

Reelcraft TBL 12 Spring Retractable, Ratchet Lock Tool Balancer, 12-lb (TBL 12)

Reelcraft TBL 15 Spring Retractable, Ratchet Lock Tool Balancer, 15-lb (TBL 15)

Reelcraft TBL 23 Spring Retractable, Ratchet Lock Tool Balancer, 23-lb (TBL 23)