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Hooded Top Trash Cans

CleanItSupply.com offers the best selection and lowest prices on waste management products, including Hooded Top Trash Cans. A durable and dependable option for use in all kinds of weather, hooded top trash cans are designed specifically for outdoor use. Constructed with permanently attached lids keeps trash out of view and safely in the trash can, helping to prevent spilled trash from littering the area. Our online store stocks hooded trash cans from trusted name brands like Rubbermaid and Witt so you can be sure you are getting a high quality product at an affordable price. Many of our models are fitted with a metal retainer to keep liners secure and out of sight and bases designed for increased stability. Our selection includes trash cans with four way open access or door openings for added convenience. If you manage an entertainment or sports venue, check out Witt’s Stadium Series garbage cans for indoor or outdoor use.

Rubbermaid’s hooded top trash cans are available in a variety of shapes and sizes with capacities ranging from 35 to 65 gallons so you can find the perfect trash can to suit your location as well as your budget. You don’t have to be a janitorial supplies expert to shop our site. We have customer service agents standing by to help you with your purchase so you can pick the perfect product to meet your needs, whether it’s a hooded top trash can, janitor cart or paper towels. Just call our toll free number or click to chat live with our representatives. Our employees receive extensive training in all of the products we offer so they can help you make a well-informed decision. CleanItSupply.com offers superior customer service in addition to high quality janitor supplies and products at low prices, so why shop anywhere else? Click or call today to save!

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Rubbermaid 56 Gallon Glutton Garbage Can, Brown (RCP 256B BRO)

Rubbermaid Glutton Hooded 56 Gallon Garbage Can Top, Brown (RCP 256V BRO)

Rubbermaid Plaza 50 Gallon Indoor/Outdoor Garbage Can, Beige (RCP 3964 BEI)

Rubbermaid 3964 Plaza 50 Gallon Garbage Container, Dark Green (RCP3964DGR)

Rubbermaid Ranger 35 Gallon Garbage Can, Brown (RCP843088BRO)

Rubbermaid Ranger 45 Gallon Trash Container, Beige (RCP 9173-88 BEI)

45 Gallon Ranger Garbage Can with Four-Way Open Access, Black (RCP 9173-88 BLA)

Rubbermaid Ranger 45 Gallon Trash Container, 2-Door, Beige (RCP 9171-88 BEI)

Rubbermaid 917188 Ranger 45 Gallon 2-Door Trash Can, Black (RCP917188BLA)

Rubbermaid 1855 55 Gallon Dome Top Steel Drum Lid, Black (RCP1855BLA)

55 Gallon Trash Can w/ Dome Top Lid, Blue (WITT-SC55-01-DT-BS)

55 Gallon Trash Can, Stadium Series, Blue with Hood Top Lid (WITT-SC55-01-HT-BS)

55 Gallon Trash Can, Stainless Steel with Dome Top Lid (WITT-SC55-01-SS-DT)

Rubbermaid Ranger 45 Gallon Waste Container w/2 Doors, Bei (RCP917188BG)

Rubbermaid Plaza Indoor/Outdoor 50 Gallon Waste Container, Beige (RCP396400BG)

Rubbermaid Glutton 56 Gallon Trash Can, Brown (RCP256BBRO)

Rubbermaid 256V Glutton Hooded Top without Doors, Brown (RCP256VBRO)

Rubbermaid Ranger Fire-Safe 45 Gallon Container, Foam, Black (RCP917388BLA)

55 Gallon Trash Can, Stadium Series, Black w/ Hood Top Lid (WITT-SC55-01-HT-BB)

55 Gallon Trash Can, Stadium Series, Green w/ Hood Top Lid (WITT-SC55-01-HT-GN)

55 Gallon Trash Can, Stadium Series, Red with Hood Top Lid (WITT-SC55-01-HT-RD)

55 Gallon Trash Can w/ Dome Top Lid, Black (WITT-SC55-01-DT-BB)

55 Gallon Trash Can w/ Dome Top Lid, Green (WITT-SC55-01-DT-GN)

55 Gallon Trash Can w/ Dome Top Lid, Red (WITT-SC55-01-DT-RD)

Rubbermaid 917388 Ranger 45 Gallon Waste Container, Beige (RCP917388BEI)

Vanguard 45-gallon In/Outdoor Receptacle, 1/Carton (IMP87504)

Impact 21 Gallon Bullet Indoor/Outdoor Trash Receptacle, Brown (IMP88704)

Rubbermaid Commercial Landmark Series Replacement Part, Hood Top w/Hole, 26 x 26 x 10 1/4, Sable (SGSFG3975M2SBLE)