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Do you smell that? It is like a musty odor in the air. You have cleaned well but the rank stench is still there. What can you do? Stop feeling frustrated by the unpleasant smell and simply clean your air. Invest in a quality Dehumidifier to take care of the damp, stale airborne odor that is persistently lingering and replace it with fresh, clean-smelling indoor air.

Our selection of top quality dehumidifiers include B-Air brand who, for nearly 20 years, has served as the go-to source for professionals who need water damage restoration equipment, carpet drying air movers, blowers for inflatables, quality pet dryers and much more. The B-Air company has been able to continue serving a growing market because they put quality and customer service above all else. In fact, each B-Air product is the result of a rigorous design and manufacturing process that includes hours and hours of care and attention to detail at every step. They believe this is the best way to ensure professionals are getting equipment that is high quality and durable and that helps get the job done well.

All of their products adhere to safety certification regulations and each is engineered to include the latest and greatest in technology, innovations and new developments. Therefore, when you are shopping their selection of dehumidifiers, you will only find only the most up-to-date equipment available. The B-Air Vantage VG-1500 Dehumidifier is a compact dehumidifier that combines a small and rugged design with a level of professional, powerful performance. This dehumidifier wasn’t made to include fancy bells and whistles, but was designed for one purpose only: to simply get the job done. You can trust the dependable performance of the Vantage VG-1500 conventional dehumidifier to work safely and effectively, and better than any other commercial dehumidifier in its class. Perhaps a more heavy-duty dehumidifier is what you need for your heavy-duty job. The B-Air Vantage VG-2200 LGR (Low-Grain Refrigerant) dehumidifier provides dependable performance. Its enhanced refrigeration system can dry a space to lower humidity better than conventional-refrigerant dehumidifiers. This high capacity, high efficiency quiet dehumidifier is designed to suit your HVAC needs where detrimental humidity is found.

Once you use your high quality dehumidifier you will be amazed at how well it works to rid your space of stale, musty odors. Go ahead take that deep breath – you’ll be happy to do it now! For the very best in quality, selection and wholesale prices, shop to save big on dehumidifiers today!

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B-Air Vantage VG-1500 Dehumidifier, Blue (VG-1500-BLUE)

B-Air Vantage VG-1500 Dehumidifier, Red (VG-1500-RED)

B-Air Vantage VG-1500 Dehumidifier, Green (VG-1500-GREEN)

B-Air Vantage LGR 2200 Dehumidifier, Blue (VG-LRG-2200-BLUE)

B-Air Vantage LGR 2200 Dehumidifier, Red (VG-LRG-2200-RED)

B-Air Vantage LGR 2200 Dehumidifier, Green (VG-LRG-2200-GREEN)

Namco Wiggins Commercial Dehumidifier, 120 Pints/Hour (P646)