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Westcott Flat Wood 12" Ruler w/Two Double Brass Edges, Clear Finish (ACM05221)

Westcott Stainless Steel Office Ruler With Non Slip Cork Base, 12" (ACM10415)

Westcott Wooden Meter Stick, 39 1/2" Long, Natural (ACM10431EA)

Westcott 12" Jewel Colored Ruler, Standard/Metric, Plastic (ACM12975)

Adjustable Triangular Scale Aluminum Engineers Ruler, 12", Silver (CHA240)

Classroom Products Compass, 10" Maximum Diameter, Plastic, Orange (LRNLER45761)

Westcott 12" Wood Ruler with Single Metal Edge, Scale 1/16" (ACM05011)

Westcott Wooden Standard/Meter Stick, 39 1/2" Long, 12/Box (ACM10431)

Westcott 18" See Through Acrylic Ruler, Standard/Metric, Clear (ACM10564)

Westcott Hole Punched Wood Ruler English and Metric With Metal Edge (ACM10702)

Westcott Plastic 12" Ruler with Rubber Finger Grip, Translucent (ACM15501)

Westcott Stainless Steel Office Ruler With Non Slip Cork Base, 15" (ACM10416)

Westcott Soft Touch School Protractor With Microban Protection (ACM14376)

Westcott Acrylic Highlight Reading Ruler With Tinted Guide, 15" Clear (ACM10580)

Westcott 12" Shatterproof Plastic Ruler, Standard/Metric (ACM13862)

Acme United Soft Touch School Compass With Microban Protection (ACM14377)

Chartpak Masterbow Compass, 10" Maximum Diameter, Steel, Chrome (CHA401N)

Chartpak Adjustable Scale Aluminum Architects Ruler, 12", Silver (CHA238)

Chartpak Triangular Scale, Plastic, 12", Engineering, Color-Coded (CHA235E)

Westcott Wood Ruler, Metric and 1/16" Scale w/ Metal Edge, Each (ACM10375)

Westcott 36" Wood Yardstick with Metal Ends, Scale 1/8" (ACM10425)

Chartpak Protractor, Acrylic, 6" Ruler Edge, Transparent Tinted (CHA6180)

Westcott KleenEarth Recycled Plastic Ruler With Microban Protection (ACM14077)

Westcott 6" Durable Plastic Ruler, Standard/Metric, Clear (ACM45016)

Chartpak Triangular Scale, Plastic, 12", Architectural, Color-Coded (CHA235A)

Westcott Stainless Steel Office Ruler With Non Slip Cork Base, 6" (ACM10414)

Westcott Stainless Steel Office Ruler With Non Slip Cork Base, 18" (ACM10417)

Westcott 12" See Through Acrylic Ruler, Scale 1/16", Clear (ACM10562)

Charles Leonard Ball Bearing Compass, 12" Maximum Diameter, Metal (LEO77360)

Charles Leonard 12" Wood Ruler w/Single Metal Edge, 36 Rulers (LEO77120)

Charles Leonard Open Center Protractor, 6" Ruler Edge, Clear, 12/DZ (LEO77106)

Universal Stainless Steel Ruler w/Cork Back and Hanging Hole, Each (UNV59023)

Universal Flat Wood Ruler w/Double Metal Edge, 12", Clear Finish (UNV59021)

Universal Acrylic Plastic Ruler, 12", Stardard/Metric, Clear, Each (UNV59022)

Empire Heavy-Duty Wide Aluminum Straight Edge Ruler, 96" (EML4008)

General Precision Stainless Steel Ruler, Stainless Steel, 6 in (GTI3001)

Business Source Wood Ruler, Brass Edge, Beveled, Scaled 1/16", 12/Box (BSN32360)

Business Source Stainless Steel Ruler, 12" L, Nonskid, Silver (BSN32361)

Business Source Plastic Ruler, Beveled Edges, 12"L, White (BSN32365)

Sparco Standard Plastic Ruler, 12" Long, Holes for Binders, Clear (SPR01488)

Sparco Plastic Protractor, 6", Professional Protractor, Clear, Each (SPR01490)

Westcott 12" Magnifying Ruler, Standard/Metric, Plastic, Clear (ACM15571)

Charles Leonard Open Center Protractor, Plastic, 4" Ruler Edge, Clear (LEO77104)

Charles Leonard Compass With Safety Tip, 12", Silver, Dozen (LEO77365)

Victor Stainless Steel Ruler, Standard/Metric, 12", Blue, Each (VCTEZ12SBL)

Victor Easy Read Stainless Steel Ruler, Standard/Metric, 18", Blue (VCTEZ18SBL)

Lorell 36" Magnetic Strip Ruler, Lightweight, Each (LLR32118)

Sparco Lightweight Geometric Compass, Plastic, Blue, 1 Each (SPR38277)

Charles Leonard Open Center Protractor, Plastic, 6" Ruler Edge (LEO77106EA)

Universal Flat Wood Ruler, Standard/Metric, 6", 2 Rulers (UNV59024)

Universal Clear Plastic Ruler, Standard/Metric, 6" (UNV59025)

Universal Stainless Steel Ruler, Standard/Metric, 6" (UNV59026)

Helix Aluminum T-Square, Inch/Metric Ruler, 24", Silver (HLX22402)