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Ashtray Fill

For any public building, ash and cigarette receptacles are important items to keep around the exterior of the building to prevent unwanted cigarette butts and ash from being disposed of on the ground. The ideal addition to any outdoor office area, backyard, or industrial complex, our smoking management products aid in responsible garbage disposal in any area where cigarette waste exists and can stand up to the elements, lasting for years and years. Once you have chosen the receptacle that suits your needs, you’ll need to stock up on ashtray sand. A necessity for any smoking area, ashtray fill protects the surrounding area by offering a safe, environmentally conscious option for ash receptacles. carries white & black ashtray sand, ideal for any receptacle. Regardless what color you choose, we carry ashtray fill in bulk quantities so you will  have enough to fill all of your cigarette urns and still have some left to keep on hand when refills are needed.

Any questions about our janitorial supplies, including cigarette disposal options, silica sand, and ashtray sand, can be directed to our customer service department. When you call our toll free number or click to chat live via our website, you will be immediately connected with one of our representatives. Specially trained to know our products in and out, our employees are the best in the business and will arm you with all of the information you need to make a well-informed decision. With the lowest prices on the best products along with superior customer service, there’s no reason to shop anywhere but, the wholesale janitorial supply specialists!

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Rubbermaid B25 Black Silica Sand, For Smoking Urns, 5Lb Bags, 5 Bags (RCP B25)

Rubbermaid S25 Smoking Urn White Silica Sand, 5 Bags (RCP S25)

Rubbermaid BS25 Black Sand for Smoking Urns, 5 Bags (RCPB25CT)

Rubbermaid S25 White Silica Sand for Smoking Urns, 5 Bags (RCPS25)

Genuine Joe 3 Gallon Ashtray Receptacle, Fire-Safe, 50 Receptacles (GJO58884PL)