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Shelving & Utility Cabinets

Have you ever heard anyone say they are simply too neat and organized? Most likely, you have not. More people can probably use additional organization in their lives with all their “things” and “stuff.” For some, those items may be tools. For others, it may be the smaller hardware that can be more difficult to corral. Maybe you simply need shelves to hold all of your storage boxes and totes. Whichever the case may be, we carry shelving and utility cabinets to suit your particular needs. Our Rubbermaid ladder cart with cabinet has three sections to readily adapt to work site requirements, offers optimal maneuverability, can easily transport large items, and features a lockable storage cabinet for security and safety. Perhaps the organization part is not your issue but the storing of boxes or larger items is. Why take up valuable floor real estate when you can just as easily stack vertically? Our 75 inch high commercial steel shelving unit can hold 350 pounds of “things” and “stuff” clearing the floor and making your space cleaner, neater, and safer. Trust for all of your wholesale utility and shelving cabinet requirements along with any other janitorial supplies for your home or business.

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Commercial Metal Shelving, 75 inches High, Gray (TNS 109694)
Rubbermaid 9T58 Ladder Cart with Cabinet, Black/Red (RCP 9T58 BLA)
Tennsco Commercial Steel Shelving, 5 Shelves, 36w x 18d x 75h, Medium Gray (TNNESP1836MGY)