Congestion Relief Medicine


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Congestion Relief Medicines

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Physicianscare Cold and Cough Congestion Medication, 50 Packet/Box (ACM90092)

Mucinex Maximum Strength Expectorant, 14 Tablet/Box (RAC02314)

Advil Congestion Relief, 50 Single-Dose Packet/Box(PFI019901)

Mucinex Max Strength Expectorant, 28 Tablets/Box, 24 Boxes/Carton (RAC02328CT)

Mucinex Expectorant Regular Strength, 100 Tablets/Box, 12 Box/Carton (RAC00815)

Vicks VapoRub, Cold/Flu Relief, 1.76 oz Jar, 36 Jars (PGC00361)

Vicks VapoRub, Cold/Flue Relief, 1.76 oz Jar, 1 Each (PGC00361EA)

Mucinex Maximum Strength Fast Max Cold & Sinus, 6oz Bottle, (RAC01665)

Mucinex Maximum Strength Expectorant, 28 Tablets/Box (RAC02328)

Mucinex DM Expectorant and Cough Suppressant, 40 Tablets/Box (RAC05640)