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Tilt Trucks

When you need to move material with ease and efficiency, you need a tilt truck. These tough, rugged tilt trucks do the hard work so you don't have to. An invaluable tool for jobs such as material handling, Rubbermaid tilt trucks can easily move and dump the contents exactly where you want. Its slanted front and constant force design allows for controlled dumping and unloading by one person a breeze. Tilt trucks can also save time and worker effort not to mention labor costs. Easy to maneuver, these plastic tilt trucks are constructed of sturdy plastic that can hold hundreds of pounds of material. 

If you are looking to effortlessly move and discard of bulky, medium to heavyweight material, our Best Seller Rubbermaid 1314 Tilt Truck is for you. This seamless molded body utility-duty tilt truck is specially made to handle up to 850 pounds. Its wheels and axle are inset to prevent damage to interior surfaces such as corners and external objects and equipment. The rust-resistant, powder-coated frame is constructed of crack- and dent-resistant polyethylene and will last for years to come. One of our Top-Picks is the Rubbermaid 1013 Structural Foam Tilt Truck that is perfect for general refuse collection and light to medium materials handling of up to 1,000 pounds so you can get the job done even faster. It easily fits through standard commercial doorways and onto elevators. Though large and heavy duty, our tilt trucks allow for increased maneuverability with their inset, mark-resistant casters that roll smoothly over thresholds and uneven or rough surfaces.

We have your tilt trucks for sale along with any sort of storage & material handling equipment that you may need or want here at CleanItSupply.com. Our large capacity tilt trucks are conveniently available in virtually every size ranging from ½ cubic yard all the way up to 12 cubic feet depending upon your needs. We even carry tilt trucks that are approved for use around meat and poultry. From janitorial supplies to trash tilt trucks, we have anything and everything you need to make your next project a success. At low, wholesale prices everyday, you not only will pay less for your equipment but are getting the highest quality out there for the best possible price. No coupons needed. No 2-hour sales. No gimmicks. Selling trusted name brand items at affordable prices. That is the CleanItSupply.com way. So whether you must transfer a heavy load or move many small packages in fewer trips, a tilt truck from CleanItSupply.com is the answer to your cargo transportation needs.

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Rubbermaid 4617 Cube Truck Lid For 20 Cubic Feet Trucks, Black (RCP4617BLA)

Rubbermaid 4615 Cube Truck Lid For 14 & 16 Cubic Feet Trucks (RCP4615BLA)

Rubbermaid 4613 Cube Truck Lids For 12 Cubic Feet Truck, Black (RCP 4613 BLA)

Rubbermaid 3/4 Cubic Yard Structural Foam Tilt Truck, Black (RCP 1011 BLA)

Rubbermaid 1013 Structural Foam Tilt Truck, Standard Duty, Black (RCP 1013 BLA)

Rubbermaid 1304 Tilt Truck, Utility Duty, 450-lb. Cap., Black (RCP 1304 BLA)

Rubbermaid 1305 Tilt Truck, Standard Duty, 1/2 Cubic Yard, Blk (RCP 1305 BLA)

Rubbermaid 1306 Tilt Truck, Heavy-Duty, 1/2 Cubic Yard, 1400, Blk (RCP1306BLA)

Rubbermaid 1307 Tilt Truck Lid for 1/2 Cubic Yard Trucks, Black (RCP 1307 BLA)

Rubbermaid 1314 Tilt Truck, Utility Duty (Rotational Molded), Blk (RCP 1314 BLA)

Rubbermaid 1315 Standard Duty Tilt Truck, Black (RCP1315BLA)

Rubbermaid 1317 Tilt Truck Lid for 1 Cubic Yard Trucks, Black (RCP1317BLA)

Rubbermaid 9T17 Tilt Truck, 1/2 Cubic Yard, 300-lb. Cap., Black (RCP 9T17 BLA)

Rubbermaid 9T18 Tilt Truck, 1 Cubic Yard, 600lb Capacity, Black (RCP 9T18 BLA)

Rubbermaid 1/2 Cubic Ft. Structural Foam Tilt Truck (RCP 9T13 BLA)

Rubbermaid 1/2 Cubic Yard Structural Foam Tilt Truck, Black (RCP 9T14 BLA)

Rubbermaid 1 Cubic Yard Structural Foam Tilt Truck, Black (RCP 9T15 BLA)

Rubbermaid 9T16 Structural Foam Tilt Truck, 1 Cubic Yard, Black (RCP9T16BLA)

Rubbermaid 9T1700 Tilt Truck, 1/2 Cubic Yard, 300-lb. Cap., Black (RCP9T1700BLA)

Rubbermaid Commercial Rotomolded Tilt Truck, Rectangular, Plastic, 600-lb cap, Black (RCP9T1800BLA)

Rubbermaid 1304 Tilt Truck, 1/2 Cubic Yard, 450-lb. Capacity, Black (RCP1304BLA)

Rubbermaid 1011 Structural Foam 3/4 Cubic Yard Tilt Truck, Black (RCP1011BLA)

Rubbermaid 1013 Structural Foam Tilt Truck, 1000-lb. Capacity, Blk (RCP1013BLA)

Rubbermaid 1305 Tilt Truck, 1/2 Cubic Yard, 850-lb. Capacity, Black (RCP1305BLA)

Rubbermaid 1314 Rotomolded 1 Cubic Yard Tilt Truck, Black (RCP1314BLA)

Rubbermaid Tilt Truck, Rectangular, 450 lb. Cap., Black (RCP9T13BLA)

Rubbermaid Structural Foam Tilt Truck, 850lb Capacity, Black (RCP9T14BLA)

Rubbermaid 9T15 Structural Foam 1 Cubic Yard Tilt Truck, Black (RCP9T15BLA)