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Window Cleaning Accessories

The job of the day is to wash the windows but you do not have all the needed accessories that are sure to make the job go much more smoothly. Fortunately, you found with a vast selection of all of the top brand names in quality products and famous for low, wholesale prices. If you need it for your window cleaning task, chances are we have all of the Window Cleaning Accessories in stock and ready to ship.

From durable Fixi Camp Sponges for the Fixi Clamp to the Water Wand Acme Insert that attaches to the Unger extension poles and converts Unger Water Wand squeegees from a tapered to an Acme-threaded socket with ease to high-rise cleaning tools, we have it all. Check out the Fixi Clamp Sponge Grip that firmly holds sponge, rags, mop heads and cloths for use as a high-reaching cleaning tool when combined with the Unger Telescopic Pole. If you would love to find an easier way to fill cleaning buckets without all the mess, our 6-foot Easy Adapter Hose conveniently fills your buckets on-site without the mess and heavy lifting from the sink. The hose fits onto standard faucet and remains firmly in place for fuss-free use. If you happen to have all of the tools you need for window cleaning but lack the space to store it all on your person? This is where the Ettore Tool Belt comes in handy. This tool belt is designed to carry Ettore squeegees, scrapers and cloth so it is all right at your fingertips ending the time-wasting searches.

Whichever type of window cleaning accessory you happen to be in the market for, be rest assured that we have you covered for less. From window washing tools, accessories, and cleaners to any other top quality window cleaning products and supplies, we carry it all at discounted prices. Shop with us and start saving big today!

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Aquadozer Squeegee Acme Threaded Insert, Green, Each (UNG FAAI)

ErgoTec Locking Cone Adapter for OptiLoc Tele-Poles (UNG NCAN)

Unger Fixi Clamp Pole Attachment Sponge Grip, Green Plastic (UNGFIXI)

Unger Fixi Clamp Sponge, 8 X 3in., 2" Thick, Orange, 50 Sponges (UNG SP01)

Threaded Wood Cone Adapter for Opti-Loc Tele-Poles, Each (UNGTWA0)

Ettore Tool Belt (ETT2044)

Unger Water Wand Acme Insert, Extension Pole to Squeegee, Green, Each (UNGFWAI)

Unger AquaDozer Squeegee Acme Threaded Insert, Nylon, Green (UNGFAAI)

Unger ErgoTec 5 1/4" X 1 1/2" Locking Cone, Green, Each (UNGNCAN)

Unger Fixi Clamp Sponge, 8 x 3 in, 2" Thick, Orange (UNGSP01)

Unger Easy Adapter Bucket Refill Hose, Rubber Adapter, 6ft, Each (UNGWH180)

Unger Threaded Nylon-Cone Adapter, Unger Pole Compatible, Green, Each (UNGNCA0)