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Window Telescopic Extension Poles

Window Telescopic Extension Poles are the ideal product to use when you have to reach at extensive heights to clean windows and so much more. Stop climbing unwieldy ladders and performing other unsafe practices when trying to access elevated areas. Our window telescopic extension poles allow you to easily reach without stretching, straining or struggling.

Need to reach up high to clean a 30-foot window? No problem. Unger's Tele-Plus Pole is a flexible, modular system that enables you to assemble a stable pole up to 30 feet in length. Drawn anodized aluminum pole is lightweight, safe and easy to handle. Great for any job where you need to reach higher than 30 feet. Handle grip is ergonomically designed for comfort so you can clean with ease. For areas that do not require such a long pole length, the Libman Telescopic Window Washer is a telescopic window washer that has a 10-inch wide scrub net and sponge head for a wide surface cleaning area and a 10-inch rubber blade that wipes streak free. Its aluminum handle extends to 8 feet for a long reach for hard to reach windows. Perfect for home use. There is even a hanger tip for easy storage.

Whichever type of window telescopic extension pole that you may be in the market for, be sure to shop for it right here at where the selection is vast, the quality is top notch, and the prices are always the best of the bunch. We carry all of the preferred top brand names in window cleaning supplies such as Unger, Libman, Rubbermaid, Genuine Joe and Impact Products. Shop with us for not only window cleaning accessories and supplies, but also so much more. Here at everyone is our customer! Professionals and homeowners alike can take advantage of our quality products and wholesale prices. Shop with us today and save!

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Unger OptiLoc Tele-Poles, 2 Sections, 4-foot, Each (UNG EZ120)

Unger OptiLoc Extension Tele-Pole, 2 Sections, 8-Foot, Each (UNG EZ250)

Unger OptiLoc Tele-Poles, 2 Sections, 13-ft., Each(UNG EZ400)

Unger OptiLoc Tele-Poles, 3 Sections, 14-ft., 10 Poles (UNGED450)

18-ft. OptiLoc 3 Section Tele-Pole, 3 Sections, Each (UNG ED550)

Unger OptiLoc 3 Section Tele-Pole, 30' Length (UNG ED900)

Unger Pro Aluminum 56" Handle, 1.5 Degree Socket, 1 Each (UNG AL140)

Pro Aluminum 3.0 Acme Thread Handle with Three-Degree Taper (UNG AL14T)

Unger 58" Pro Aluminum Acme Handle, Ergonomic Grip, Each (UNG AL14A)

Unger Tele-Plus Modular Telescopic Extenstion Pole, Silver (UNGTF900)

Libman 12-ft. Extension Handles, 3-Piece Handle, 6 Handles (LIB-00612)

Libman Telescopic Window Washers, 8-1/2', 4 Washers (LIB-00188)

Unger Pro Aluminum Knock Down Handle, 1.5 Degree Taper (UNG AL14G)

Unger Aluminum Handle for Floor Squeegees/Water Wands, 56" Long (UNGAL140)

Unger Opti-Loc Aluminum Extension Pole, 18-ft., Three Sections (UNGED550)

Unger Pro Aluminum Knock Down Handle, 56", Silver, 1 Each(UNGAL14G)

Unger Aluminum Extension Pole, 13-ft., 2 Sections, Silver/Green (UNGEZ400)

Unger Handle for Floor Squeegees/Water Wands, Acme, 1" x 58", W/Grip (UNGAL14A)

Unger Aluminum Handle for Floor Squeegees/Water, 1" x 61" (UNGAL14T0)

Unger Opti-Loc 2 Section Aluminum Extension Pole, 8-ft. (UNGEZ250)

Unger Opti-Loc 3 Section Aluminum Extension Pole, 30-ft. (UNGED900)

Rubbermaid Executive Series Telescoping Microfiber Mop Handle (RCP1863883)

Unger Opti-Loc 3 Section Aluminum Extension Pole, 20-ft. (UNGED600)

Impact Products Yellow 33" Microfiber Extension Handle (IMPLFSO100)

Rubbermaid 2018789 Maximizer Quick Change Extension Handle, Yellow (RCP2018789)