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Window Scrapers

Have you ever tried cleaning the glass on the window, even scrubbing it, but it just does not seem to come out as clean as you would like it to? Give Window Scrapers a try. Window scrapers are used by professional window cleaners as as well as homeowners to achieve crystal clear results.

There are a few ground rules to using window scrapers, though, that you should be aware of so that you do not mistakenly scratch the glass or worse, cut yourself on the sharp blade. First, make sure that the glass that you are about to scrape will be able to withstand the scraping by testing it in an inconspicuous area. Some glass such as tempered glass may scratch and should not be exposed to a window scraper so use caution before proceeding. Wash the window of any dirt, dust or grime. Use soapy, sudsy water and clean with a quality window washer. You will want the window to be wet and stay wet while scraping the glass. Dry scraping can lead to scratches. Always scrape the sides before scraping the center of the source and scrape the surface only in a forward direction. Be sure to promptly put the scraper away in a dry, safe place for storing after each use.

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Unger ErgoTec Glass Scraper, 6" Blade Width, 10 Scrapers (UNG EG150)

ErgoTec Glass Scraper 6 inch Replacement Blades, 25 Blades per Pack (UNGTR15)

Unger ErgoTec Nonslip Safety Scraper with Rubber Cover, 50 Each (UNG SR040)

Unger Heavy-Duty 8" Replacement Floor Scraper Blades, 10 Blades (UNG HDSB)

Unger ProTrim10 Scraper, Replacement Blades, 4in Replacement Blades (UNGTR10)

Unger ProTrim10 Window Scraper, 4" Blade, Green, Each (UNGTX100)

Unger The Brute Scraper, Razor Floor & Wall Scraper, 10 Scrappers (UNG SH25C)

Unger Brute Scraper 4 inch Replacement Blades, 10 Blades (UNG RB10C)

Ettore Pro+ Scraper Replacement Blade - 6", Steel (ETT1043)

Ettore Pro+ Scraper Complete - 6" (ETT1044)

Unger 4" Light Duty Floor/Window Scraper,48" Handle, Each (UNG LH12C)

Unger ErgoTec Short Handle Utility Scraper, 4" Blade, 10 Scrapers (UNG SH00C)

Unger Stainless Steel Safety Scraper, Steel Handle, 50 Each (UNG SR50)

Unger Replacement Blade for Heavy Duty Scraper, Carbon Steel, 10/Pack (UNGHDSB)

Unger Ergotec Short Handle Scraper, 4" Blade Width (UNGSH00C)

Unger Light-Duty Scraper w/48" Handle, One 4" Reversible Blade (UNGLH12C)

Sheffield Single Edge Safety Blades for Safety Scrapers, 10 Blades (GNS12854)

Stanley Bostitch Razor Blade Scraper with 5 Single-Edge Blades (BOS28500)

Unger ErgoTec Safety Scraper with Rubber Cover, 1-1/2" Blade (UNGSR040)

Unger Safety Scraper, 1 1/2-in Wide, 4-in Steel Handle (UNGSR50)

Unger Safety Scraper Replacement Blades, #9, Stainless Steel, 1 Pack (UNGSRB10)

Red Devil Retractable Razor-Blade Window Scraper, Metal (RDL3223)

Sparco Single Edge Replacement Blades, 5/PK, Silver (SPR01485)

Sterling Mini Razor Scrapers, 24 Scraper (KOLE-MT327)

Unger ErgoTec Utility Glass Scraper, 6 inch Blade Width (UNGEG150)

Unger The Brute Scraper, 4" Blade Width, Carbon Steel Blade, Each (UNGSH25C)

Unger Safety Scraper Replacement Blades, #9, Stainless Steel, 100/Box (UNGSRB30)