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Window Squeegee Handles

Clean, clear windows are usually achieved by washing the glass with a squeegee to avoid unsightly streaks. If you are hoping to obtain that same crystal clear view out of your windows, you will want the squeegee handle to fit your hand like a glove. The window squeegee handle should feel secure and be comfortable to grip in order to do the job correctly. There are different types to choose from so you will want to select carefully to find the ideal fit.

Whether you are in the market for Window Squeegee Handles in brass or stainless steel, you have definitely found the right place to shop for them. Here at we carry a selection of window squeegee handles from top brand names like Unger and Etorre so you know you are getting a high-quality item. Our prices are second to none. We offer our window squeegee handles at everyday low, wholesale prices so you can afford to get whichever one is the best fit for you without needing to worry about your budget.

Unger’s Golden Clip Window Squeegee Handle is made from high-quality, solid brass. It conveniently fits onto all Unger squeegee poles and it performs as nicely as it looks. Ettore Master Brass Handle is at the top of our professional line with its perfect balance and weight. Clean windows will be simply achieved in no time at all. The Pro Stainless Steel Squeegee Handle is lighter in weight, yet stronger than brass handles. This squeegee handle will easily clean any smooth, flat surface. With its fast-lock rubber grip handle, channel, and rubber blade, this window squeegee handle will make quick work out of a window-cleaning chore.

Whichever type of window squeegee handle that may be perfect for you, you can be sure that not only has it in stock, but offers it at the lowest price available. We comparison-shop the web so you don’t have to! Shop with us for all of your window cleaning supplies and so much more today!

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Unger Golden Clip Window Pro Brass Squeegee Handle, Each (UNGGS00)

Pro Stainless Steel Squeegee Handle, Rubber Grip, Each (UNG PR00)

Ettore Master Brass Handle (ETT1324)

Unger Pro Stainless Steel Squeegee Handle with Black Rubber Grip (UNGPR00)

Unger Henry's Handi Handle, 24" Straight, Aluminum (UNGHH240)